What I spent half of my Style Compare Voucher On & Winner of Style Compare Competition!

Hey Lovelies!

First things first, sorry for the lack of posts this week! If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am a third year uni student, so the past two weeks have been very stressful as it's deadline time! Today marked a pretty epic day as a third year as I handed in my dissertation!! The piece of work which is both my baby and the bain of my life was finally completed and well I'm very relieved! I did my dissertation on beauty blogs (what else? Well it was that or a study on Cheryl Cole) and it provided some very interesting results! Big thanks to everyone who participated in either my questionnaire or interviews that I carried out for research and let's just hope my hard work has paid off! I still have two more deadlines next week but I feel a big chunk is out of the way so I'm a little less stressy than I've been the past couple of weeks! So with a well earned night off, I decided it was time to blog and announce the winner of the Style Compare voucher! Apologies it's taken me so long to announce a winner, like I mentioned above I've been pretty busy, but I finally chose a winner and I used Random.org. Which chooses a random number/comment and the winner was Kelly White! Congrats Kelly :) I have emailed you so check your inbox! Thanks to all the entries, maybe I'll hold another giveaway sometime soon.. maybe when I reach the big 2000? :)

Okay so I very luckily won a Style Compare voucher too when I won last month's blogger style challenge (which by the way I'm still shocked I won) and I decided I wanted a white blazer in my life. I woke up one morning and thought yes... I need a white one. Maybe I was possessed by the ghost of Wham! in my sleep, who knows but I knew what I wanted to spend some of my voucher on. I picked one from Topshop and it is SO nice! I love it! Though the material is like jersey which I wasn't expecting, this means that if this gets dirty (which it will at some point) it's going to be a bugger to clean! So with this in mind, I am treating this jacket very carefully! I decided last night that it was time to wap it out and brighten up the grey rainy evening that it was. We went for a meal with my boyfriend's Mum and sister who were down as his sister had a uni interview, I decided I'd had enough of living in jeans/joggers which I have been whilst doing uni work (though rest assured I haven't left the house in joggers, you don't need to disown me just yet.) So I dressed up like I was in the Saturdays, I mean who doesn't secretly wish they were Mollie or Frankie? Who doesn't wish they were in a girl band? I wish I was, imagine the glam life it must be.. the only hiccup is I can't sing. Hmm. Anyways, can you tell I haven't blogged in a while? This post is a right old waffle!

White Blazer: Topshop 
Black Lace Top: Zara
Necklace: River Island
Jeans: ASOS Petite
Boots: Select

Okay so getting to the point, I decided to wear my white blazer with my new black jeans from ASOS which are amazing by the way. I love their petite jeans, they are just the right length for a shortie like me! And my lace black Zara top which is like the most worn item in my wardrobe, it's a staple item as I like to call it. I also wore my Select Ambush Dupe boots (boots in May? Madness) and my big Zara handbag. Now I don't know about you, but if this isn't girl band attire then I don't know what is!! I really liked the outfit and felt really smart! However I know that whenever I wear my white blazer I will be constantly on edge thinking 'aaah don't get dirty!' So yes. There we go, the debut of the white blazer. Thankfully not a cross earring in site. (Wham! Reference there, not Proudlock MIC reference.) Do you own a white blazer? How do you style yours?

So I'd best go before I bore you all to sleep with my waffle. I hope you've all had a good week, if you're like me and in the mist of deadlines hope it's all going well! I may be a little sporadic on posts again now as like I said I have two more deadlines, but I'll blog when I can. But in a week's time it will all be over and I'll be all yours again :) Hope you all have a lovely evening! :)

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  1. Loving the outfit ! Very girl band indeed ! Oh and the reference to WHAM! made me laugh and Proudlock is such a cutie !

    Congrats on handing in your disso xx



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