So if you follow me on twitter/instagram you will know that it was my 21st birthday on Tuesday! The big two one and all that needed to be celebrated in style and probably very messily, however you should all know by now that I'm 21 going on 81 so a night on the tiles wasn't quite my plan. I've already blogged about our family celebrations so that was one part do next I had to decide what to on the actual big day. In the end we decided on a day of shopping, but more about that later. First let's talk pressies.

As you may know I'm off to America well NYC, Orlando and Miami in a couple of weeks so I very luckily received holiday money to spend whilst I'm over there but I also got some lovely presents to keep too! I might film a birthday present haul if that floats people's boats?! But yes I was a very lucky girl and was truly spoilt! Some things I received included a new phone of my Dad (I've joined the iPhone clan!) a gorgeous Thomas sabo bracelet and charms off my mum and sister and a iPad off my boyfriend with the cutest engraving ever! See the picture below to see what I mean! I also got lots of lovely little bits, soap and glory goodies, nail stuff, make up and lots more! I've been truly spoilt and I'm so grateful for every present I received! My boyfriend also got me a proper lighting kit for my camera so I can have a proper light when filming videos! Hurrah! Maybe I'll finally stop looking so washed out/orange!

My outfit:
Blazer: Primark
Playsuit: Miss Selfridge 

Now once all my presents were open I had the task of choosing what to wear! The weather was all grey and murky but this didn't mean I opted for jeans, the legs were going to be coming out come rain or shine! So I decided to go for a Miss Selfridge play suit with my trusty primark blazer and ballet pumps. I did feel a bit of a tit walking round in a play suit whilst everyone was in their winter gear but hey it's June. We had a little shop, I got a bargain from Cath Kidston but that purchase will be revealed soon! After shopping we headed to an American grill/BBQ restaurant called Hickory's in Chester. The food was so good, the ribs, the BBQ sauce, chips and everything else were amazing! If you're in Chester check it out as it was so good! We then headed home with our bellies full and watched a film and ate some birthday cake! So yes I had a lovely day, and thank you for all the tweets/messages! But the celebrating isn't over! We've also had a day of afternoon tea and cocktails with family and family friends and then a mini spa break but again more about that in my next post!

A selection of snaps from my 21st :) 

So yes I'm now 21 and I have to say it feels the same as being 20! When I was younger I always didn't understand why you never felt older on your birthday. Can you tell why I called this blog dizzybrunette3? Anyway thanks for the messages you lovely lot and I'll catch up with you all again soon :) hope you've all had a brilliant week! :)


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