My Favourite False Lashes & Glue: Ardell Lashes & Duo Glue


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with false lashes, I love them on other people but on myself I never think they look quite right. I have tried numerous styles and had numerous disasters. One particular time I remember I tried applying some lashes but it didn't work and I ended up with lots of eyelash glue all over my eye lid and down my tights and gave up with the lashes in the end! However after a few years of trying, I feel I have finally found my perfect pair of false lashes and the right glue to stick them on with. I probably have a top three of lash styles that I will now purchase and won't try to stray too much from them! When I was younger I loved the Girls Aloud Eylure range, of course you all know of my love for Cheryl so I would always wear her lashes when I went out (back then I was into going out and was a little more lively) however from looking back on Facebook pictures from 2008/9 I can now see that even though I love Chezza her lashes were not right for me. In some pictures they look like spider legs ready to attack me! My favourite probably from the Girls Aloud range is the Kimberley lashes. 

Me aged 18 with dodgy lashes, Cheryl I love you, but your lashes don't suit me! Also in this picture I was in fancy dress! 

The lashes I want to talk to you about today are the Ardell 101 Demi's a lash I've heard of on many blogs and I think it's quite a cult style of lash, I bought these from Sally's Beauty Supply back at Easter time for £3.19, I know that these are sold in Boots/Superdrug for about £5.00 so I thought this was a little bargain and definitely worth a try. These are in a different packaging to the ones you get in Boots etc but I think this is because these ones are for make up artists/beauty therapists to have in their kit as Sally's is a beauty wholesaler. I thought they were worth a try and now I love them so much when I go back home, I will be popping back to Sally's to stock up on some more! The thing I love about them is the fact they look like a natural false lash, they're not too long, but still noticeable and they look really lovely on. For years I would never trim my false lashes and just leave them be, this meant that the lashes would start from the inner corner to the outer corner of my eye. Not cool. These days I trim both ends and place the lashes in the middle where the thickest part of my lashes are, this means that they look quite natural and blend with your natural lashes better. They're soft and re use able, I've worn these twice now and they look good as new. I reckon I can get away with another wear before they're deemed un usable. If you don't live near a Sally's then I'd recommend just getting these from Boots/Superdrug as they always seem to have deals on lashes! 

Second of all you also need a good eyelash glue when using false lashes, for years I just used the mini ones that came in the set with your lashes and yes it's alright but sometimes you would go out and realise the outer corner of your eyelash is making a bid for freedom. When you've had a few cheeky vimto's, lash maintenance goes out the window and you end up with dodgy pictures on Facebook the next day. I also had a brief flirtation with Eylure Lashfix glue which meant there were no more lashes pointing upwards BUT that glue was seriously strong shit. I'm sorry for swearing but it needed to be said. This stuff was so strong, removing my eyelashes usually ended up in me in tears because it hurt so much! I'd have to soak my eye with an oily eye make up remover and when you're coming home late, this is not what you want to do! So I knew I had to find another glue and when I was in Sally's I noticed they sold Duo eyelash glue which is what a lot of make up artists use! I picked this up for the price of £8.39 which I know is cheaper than what it retails in MAC and I thought I don't want a painful eyelash removal anymore! This glue is worth the hype, it keeps your lashes stuck on all day but it makes removing them very easy! No more tears or red eyelids! Wahoo. I have also changed the technique in that I apply lashes, I realise that taking your time is key, to look down when applying and that tweezers are your best friend when applying lashes. Although I don't wear false lashes very often I now don't dread applying them or think that false lashes don't suit me. What are your fave false lashes? 

So I hope you've all had a lovely Saturday, it's been very windy and rainy today which has been lovely. NOT. We also had a McDonald's today and feel a bit guilty but hey ho I've practically lived of salad all week so I'm allowed a treat! I hope you all have a great evening :) 

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