My New Favourite Piece of Jewellery: Ellise Vintage Arty Ring


So for a while now, the YSL arty rings have been seen on many blogs (usually those really cool fashion blogs where the bloggers are like so perfect you wonder if they are actually human) and I have always had a serious case of ring envy whenever I saw one. However with prices at around £180 it was something that I had to accept that I would never own an Arty ring. Hey I find £18.00 expensive for a ring! However the very lovely Sammy recently got in touch with me to let me know how she was opening a little online jewellery store. I personally love online jewellery stores, I think they stock unique jewellery, don't charge the earth and it's usually a bit different to what everyone else is buying from Topshop etc. Ellise Vintage is a cute jewellery store which sells all types of jewellery, we're talking bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. All the stock is either handmade or reworked by Sammy using vintage jewellery. The things that caught my eye the most was the gorgeous Vintage Style Arty Rings. Like I said I have been coveting an Arty ring for so long and I have a particular penchant for turquoise jewellery at the moment, so the turquoise ring was right up my street! Sammy very kindly offered to send me a ring to review for you guys and a few days later a very pretty package arrived through my door.

Now I have to tell you lovely people how much thought has gone into Ellise Vintage's Jewellery packaging. Usually when I order online I get something shoved in a jiffy bag but Sammy has obviously spent a lot of time sourcing and thinking of innovative ways to package her jewellery delights. First of all there was a paper bag with a Ellise Vintage stamp, then there were little heart stickers used instead of sellotape. The ring itself is gorgeous and everything I hoped it would be. It came attached in a bow which I've re attached it too and with the most cute note from Sammy! The vintage arty ring is definitely a statement ring which will add to the simplest of outfits. I can tell that this ring is going to be very well worn, expect to see it feature in many outfit of the day posts! It's really gorgeous and I thought all the little packaging touches really made a lovely surprise to my day. Best of all Ellise Vintage's Arty rings are priced at just £7.50 which is probably the best price I've seen them at. All of the jewellery is really reasonable and would make a great present for a friend or sister or even a little treat for yourself. A big thank you to Sammy for very kindly sending me one of the Arty rings and for bringing her jewellery shop to my attention! I hope you all like it too and enjoy browsing Ellise Vintage! 

What's your favourite online jewellery boutique? I hope you've all had a lovely Monday, I've had a bit of a potter round the flat day when all I seem to do is clean! Oh the joys! I hope your Monday has been a lot more exciting :)

*This ring was very kindly sent to me by Sammy to review on my blog. However I am featuring it because I genuinely love it and think all of you will too! I would of happily paid for this ring myself and it's something I'd buy for sure! 

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  1. That ring is utterly cute! I'm looking for one just like it. Aww, I love your blog. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think :).


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