My thoughts on the 30 Day Shred: Workout DVD


So a little of a different post from me today, for one day only there will be no beauty or fashion talk and instead I'm going to be talking about exercise. Like I said this will be for one day only. The 30 day shred is a workout DVD that I use to well er workout and when ever I mention this on Twitter or Instagram a few of you have asked what it's about and my thoughts on it. So I thought with holiday season upon us I would tell you my thoughts on this DVD and if I rate it or not. Also be aware I am a not fitness expert, I wouldn't even class myself as 'active' after all I spend most of my days sitting down at my laptop. But these are my thoughts and take from them what you will.

What is the 30 day shred? 

A little background info first, the 30 day shred is a work out DVD which has been formulated by Jillian Micheals who is a famous fitness trainer in America. She's like an English Davina McCall but a thousand times meaner and doesn't present a money based game show. The 30 day shred is 'a 3-2-1interval system which combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic 30 day shred.' (taken from the Amazon description) The work outs are about 20/25 minutes long and there are three levels. You do three circuits, consisting of three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio and one minute of abs. You repeat this three times. There also is a warm up and cool down.

My Thoughts 

So I got the 30 day shred after hearing quite a few bloggers say how they did it and I hadn't heard of many other work out DVDs that were that highly rated. I bought this last year in May I think as I wanted to tone up for my holidays. I did it for 30 days straight before I went to Menorca and definitely noticed a difference! I am now trying to do this whenever I can to get in shape for America.  Now first of all I don't want to lose weight, I just want to tone up, I feel my tummy, arms and thighs could do with some toning up and I feel the 30 day shred helps me achieve that. I like the fact you can do it in your own home and don't have to go to a gym/class and once you've paid for the DVD/weights you don't have to fork out anymore money! Like I mentioned I'm not a fitness expert but this DVD works you hard! After the first time I did this, I literally wanted to die. I'm getting used to it now and whilst it's still hard I don't need to collapse in a heap at the end. Now I'm no Mr. Motivator so I thought I would write this post honestly and these next few points are things to look out/be aware of when doing the shred.

  • Level 2 is the level which the devil created. 
  • Jillian Micheals starts to get really annoying.
  • You will want to die the first few times you do this. 
  • Jillian's friends Natalie (hardcore version) and Jenna (easy version) provide me with much entertainment especially Natalie. Here's why...
  • Natalie in level 1 (I think) sneakily stops now and then when Jillian is talking to Jenna. Mwahahaha not so hardcore now are you Natalie? 
  • Natalie's face in level 3 whilst doing the Superman Plank things are hilarious. Every time they crack me up. 
  • Jenna clearly didn't get the abs that she has by doing the easy version that she demonstrates. 
  • Sometimes Natalie chips in during level 1, I think it's when she's doing the ab workouts and Jillian's like ' you'll get abs of steel' words to that effect and Natalie's like 'oh yeah' Jillian then looks like Natalie has seriously stepped out of line. Yes that's right Natalie no speaking for you and stop stopping! 
  • When Jillian's saying ' I know you just want to die right now' 'this is so hard' you think 'Yes it is bloody hard and I don't know why you're saying it because you only do two of each exercises and then start yapping to your buddies. 
  • When Jillian calls her partners in crime 'buddy' you will want to throw your weights at the TV. 
  • Oh and finally when Jillian passes Jenna her weights in level 1 circuit 3 of strength and says 'There you go buddy' in a way that makes Jenna think Jillian has done her a massive favour. Jillian acts like she's just given Jenna one of her kidneys not that she's just reached one cm and passed over her weights. 
  • Finally can you tell I've done this a fair few times? 

What You Need 

Okay so you definitely need some weights for this workout, I got some one kg weights from Sports Direct for less than a tenner, you can have heavier ones but I am a weakling with a weak elbow so I've stuck to one kg which believe me are more than enough. You also need a mat for the abs exercises, I just throw cushions on the floor cause I'm crazy like that. You will need a bottle of water to drink when you feel like you're going to die and you will need an iPod as otherwise you will go insane. I also think the music helps motivate you, I usually play songs like One Direction and whilst I'm doing my butt kicks I think about what I'd say if I ever met Harry Styles. Finally you don't need fancy gym gear, I usually do this in shorts and a vest top. 

Does It Work? 

Yes it does, whenever I do the 30 day shred my tummy is transformed from a wave of jelly to a rock hard wall. I feel more toned especially in my arms, back and thighs and I feel like my stamina has been improved. I'm going to keep doing this till I go to America and start eating healthy all the time (no more chocolate for me) You can get the 30 day shred from Amazon from about £5, I've also seen it in Tesco for £5 or in HMV for £8. Also read the reviews on Amazon as people who know what they're talking about say their thoughts! I'd definitely recommend the 30 day shred for toning up, it's intense, it doesn't take too much time up and it actually works. Let me know if you've used this before or are going to buy it! Have a lovely day!


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