Round One of Birthday Celebrations: Outfit Post


So I think I've mentioned that my 21st birthday is on Tuesday, so today we decided to have a little family get together to celebrate both me and my boyfriend turning 21. My boyfriend will spend his 21st in New York with me  in a few weeks time so we thought we'd have a joint get together, you know kill two birds with one stone and all that! We had a lovely day eating lots of yummy food and I'm now trying to fight the urge to have a little snooze whilst the football is on. I thought I'd pop on a quick outfit post of what I wore today as it's a new buy! I got this dress from the Topshop sale which is amazing by the way and I think it was reduced from either £32 or £36 to £18 with student discount. Bargain. I really love the fit of it and the print, it can definitely be dressed up or down which is an essential factor for me!

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Forever 21

My Birthday Cupcakes
Me & my sister Hayley (there's five years and shades of tan apart from us) 
Mind the fact in the picture of me and my boyfriend that I have a streamer shadow on my face! 

So there we go, we had a lovely day and it's only round one of the birthday celebrations! Well yesterday was the proper round one as I went to my Dad's who gave me my presents early as I won't see him till after my birthday and I got a brand new spanking white Iphone! Literally was so surprised and grateful as my blackberry was dying a slow death! If I had to see that little black timer in the middle of the screen one more time! So I will now be all over Instagram like a car bonnet but don't have a clue what apps to download! I've so far just got Twitter and Instagram so any recommendations would be very welcome! My sister has got me hooked on Song Pop or something so I'll be downloading that for sure! Also in other news I have a job! I got the phone call today and I now have a 20 hour week in retail! I'm literally so pleased as I just wanted to get a job and get some money. I know that it's not really related to my degree but I feel everything I've learnt I've put into my blog and I do enjoy retail (and the discount doesn't go a miss ;)) so yes I'll be starting in two weeks and then again once I'm back from America! Pleased that I'll still have plenty of time to blog/youtube! So yes that's a download of all my news! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :) 


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