Benefit Porefessional Primer Review


Benefit’s porefessional primer is a primer that has been very well hyped on the blogosphere let’s just say. At one point everywhere you turned up popped a blog post or a video or a makeup tutorial featuring Porefessional. The primer which is supposed to smoothen your skin and make pores look smaller and give your skin an overall flawless look sounded right up my street. It sounded like the perfect miracle product I had been looking for to hide my ghastly pores. However at £23.50 a bottle I couldn’t quite justify buying it on a whim, so in January/February time back when the tights and scarves were on, I took advantage of an ASOS 25% student discount day and took the plunge. I had words with my pores in the mirror ‘be gone pores, yes you may be smug now offering your services for people to camp in, but pretty soon you will be smoothed over by concrete of the makeup variety. Mwahahahaha.’ I can only be a villain to my pores, because they deserve it.

A few days later Porefessional arrived in a little kit along with a Erase Paste concealer (great colour for under eye circles but a little too heavy and creasey for me) and Girl Meets Pearl (nice but too silvery for me, much prefer Benefit’s Sunbeam which like knickers I won’t leave the house without on.) So I know I’ve had this tube of primer for a few months now but it’s only now I feel I’ve finally made my mind up about it. I ummed and ahhhd for so long but after a bad skin phase for the past few weeks, I feel I’ve made a decision about Porefessional. In hindsight Porefessional should be the perfect product for me, but I have to say unlike others it’s not my miracle product. I didn’t drop on my knees to the makeup gods to thank them for this invention, I merely nodded. Porefessional yes does hide your pores and yes it does make your skin smoother but it’s not quite enough for me. Maybe it’s because I have gigantic pores and an uneven skin texture at the moment so I’m being particularly picky but it doesn’t  make me look like I have the skin of a Barbie. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a negative review, I like the stuff and I use it every day, it’s good, it works to an extent, I just wish it smoothed a little more. Maybe it’s my technique of applying, I have three ways, and one is applying before foundation, next is applying with foundation and finally applying after foundation. On particularly bad skin days I have to apply under and over foundation!

Porefessional makes my skin feel velvety soft and does help the overall look of my cheeks. I feel it makes my cheeks look a lot more acceptable, I suppose I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I want everything covered, which I believe Porefessional does for some people. But I feel that Porefessional comes into its own when helping with lines on your face. Of course I’m only just 21 but from several years of giving ‘the look’, rolling my eyes and raising my eyebrows, I do have lines on my forehead. I apply some Porefessional to them and ta da they’re gone, it’s like I’m 12 again before I was interested in boys, make up and Busted. Porefessional is a bit like a polyfiller for your face, if you have pores on your face that aren’t mini fishing pools then yes I bet this will give you mannequin skin. Like I said maybe I’m too fussy, but overall I like Porefessional, it does a good job and makes my skin feel really nice! I also have to say the tube lasts a long time too, I still haven’t finished my tube and that’s from a few months ago now. A little really does go a long way!

So let me know do you like Porefessional? How do you apply it? Any tips? I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, and I’ll speak soon J


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