Getting my nails in the mood for a holiday: Models Own Hedkandi Polishes


My name is corrie and I am addicted to nail polishes. I may own an abundance of colours under the sun but I still find shades that need to be added to my collection. Especially shades which have been hyped over and over by bloggers. Nail polish is my crack and my collection is something I am very proud of (aim high Corrie.) What once started as a mini Barry M nail paint collection has now soared and my addiction has moved to other nails brands such as OPI, China Glaze and of course Models Own. A little while ago if you asked me my favourite nail polish brand, without thinking I’d say ‘Barry M!’ However these days, I’m more likely  to say ‘Models Own!’ Models Own is a brand I discovered about two years ago and well I haven’t stopped adding to my collection since, the vast array of colours and new releases means it’s very often I find myself having a hankering for a new addition to my collection. What I like about models own is that they’re constantly adding new nail polish colours, not like Barry M who add a couple once every year and then throw the very boring crackle and croc effects polishes at us. Barry that isn’t acceptable matey! A recent Models Own collection which is in collaboration with Hedkandi caught my eye. A collection of perfect holiday polishes; I instantly bought Hedonist which is an amazing neon coral. I did however resist on the others, well until now.

I suppose even though I try to think that I’m not sucked into blogger hypes, I am. The two polishes I finally bought have been featured on so many blogs and YouTube videos, I just had to give in and buy them. It was like the Hypodermic syringe model (ooh look at me showing my media degree knowledge) I was drip fed nail posts of Beach Party ( neon orange) and Disco Mix (a chunky glitter) until I snapped and saw a buy one get one half price offer in Boots. I originally picked up Disco Mix for my sister but decided I couldn’t give it away, it’s a chunky glitter which is reminiscent to the Muppets glitter from OPI that you couldn’t get for love nor money. It looks amazing as an accent nail and works great with polished pastel colours, think Essie Fiji. I really love it as I own no other glitters like this and I know that once Christmas swings around (yes I’m sorry for using the C word) I will be adorning my nails with this like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a bit of a bugger to take off but then again what glitter isn’t? My Bourjois nail remover pot works pretty well at removing it though, so I’m not sat giving myself the heebie jeebies using cotton wool.
The other shade I bought was Beach Party, which basically is a holiday in a bottle. It’s a creamy neon orange that looks amazing with a tan and makes you look about 100x more tanned when wearing it. I love a neon polish and although I already own a neon orange, this one is more creamy and opaque. See how I’m trying to justify the fact I have two neon orange polishes in my collection! It is amazing though and I’m glad I caved and bought it. I’m pretty sure it will look fab on either my fingers or toes in America; I can just see myself sipping a cocktail on Miami Beach, sunglasses on and beach party on my nails. Best of all is I got both these polishes for £7.50! Kerching. I don’t know if the offer is still on but at £5 a polish it’s still a good deal and doesn’t break the bank!

So let me know you’re favourite holiday nail polish colours! I haven't decided my ultimate holiday polishes yet but I'm pretty sure the majority of them will be neon! So I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I've had a bit of a fail with technology this weekend as my laptop seems to of died, it won't switch on (even with a new battery) so we're going to have to take it tomorrow to get looked at. Nice one laptop, nice one. With this the Internet keeps going down every five minutes and my boyfriend's laptop keeps freezing. I feel like just giving up with technology and blogging via pigeon. Also this week is a very busy one for me! I'm back down south now after a lovely two weeks back home and as of tomorrow I start my new job! Eeeeek, I'm working till Thursday and then Friday will see me getting on to a plane headed for NYC! So as you can imagine I'm trying to work out exactly what I need to do and when! I know that lots of lists will be made and Kalms will be taken! So as I'm going to America really soon, I need your help! Let me know any places to go (I'm going to NYC, Orlando and Miami) or what to buy! Esp make up, I've already got a few things noted down but also need your help in case there's anything I've missed off! So expect lots of holiday prep posts this week! Have a lovely Sunday evening :)


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