Getting on a Jet Plane: Holiday Packing


So it's finally here, my boyfriend and mine's American adventure. When we booked it back in October, we hadn't even started back at uni yet and now we've finished, awaiting results (whilst we're away) so it seems crazy to think it's tomorrow that we go away! We're going to New York for four days, Orlando for six days and then Miami for four days. Over all I'll be away for two weeks, and right now I am currently in a state of panic packing and rushing around like you usually do pre holiday! It hasn't sunk in quite yet that we're going and I doubt it will till we touch down in NYC! I'm feeling terribly nervous about flying so I've been taking Kalms and downloading calming apps ( and Geordie Shore) to help me at the airport and on the plane! If anyone has any good anxiety tips then let me know!

So of course when you're off on your holidays and you're a beauty enthusiast like myself, you find yourself having to make the essential decisions of what products to take away with you! I've probably brought Boots with me in my suitcase with the amount of medicines I've got with me and I'm filling up my clear floral Cath Kidston travel bags with shower products! I've tried to pack everything in travel size so for example I have a tiny shower gel bottle from the Body Shop which I fill up with my current shower gel every year I go on holiday, I've also bought my boyfriend a mini Lynx! We've got a mini toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and I've decanted some cleanser and exfoliator so I'm not trekking them with me! We've got to save the weight allowance when we can girls! Next is hand luggage, I usually only go on quite short flights but never really understood how much liquid you could take on board with you, but after some research I've decided to take a little pamper kit with me on board. I got sent some adorable mini skincare samples from Mistrys Online Pharmacy who also sent me some other skincare goodies, but how cute are the mini's? They are perfect for hand luggage, I have a mini make up remover, toner, moisturiser and even spot treatment! They're just so small and cute! I like to put them in my hand and pretend I'm a giant. As soon as I aboard the plane I will be taking off my make up and giving my skin a good old pamper as the air on board always makes my skin soooo dry! I'll then pop in some tinted moisturiser and concealer to put on before we land so I don't scare the fellow passengers and then I can re do my make up once we get to the hotel!

Like I said my bags are from Cath Kidston, I got them in the sale and they're specific holiday travel bags! They came in a set of two and three plastic bottles and this was just £12! Bargain! The little one is coming in my hand luggage with me! So there we have it, a little lowdown on some beauty packing! I was going to film a video but my laptop has died and is currently being fixed so I may film one once I'm back and I'm unpacking! So this will probably be the last time we speak before I go on holiday! I may blog when I get there and stuff and do little updates when I'm there, I may not even have time but if I do I may just check in! I have some scheduled posts, there's only about five as I ran out of time so apologies about that! So yes I hope you all have a brilliant two weeks and I'll see you in two weeks time when I'm hopefully nice and tanned and of finally met Micky Mouse! P.s not sure about the new job yet. See you soon :)


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