My New Fave Body Moistruiser: Dove Induglent Nourishment Body Lotion Review


I’m a bit of a moisturiser addict, I moisturise twice a day every day which as you can imagine means that I get through moisturiser like there is no tomorrow! About every three/four weeks I have to buy a new one and I’m always looking for one that doesn’t cost the earth (hello body shop with your £12 body butters, I’m talking to you) actually moisturises your skin and smells nice. The smell is always a major factor with me, after all who doesn’t like not smelling nice? I usually trundle up and down Boots looking at what’s on offer and then usually pick a moisturiser at random, I’ve tried so many brands over the years I’ve lost count and if I ever re purchase a moisturiser then it should consider itself very lucky indeed! A few weeks ago, I saw that Dove’s Indulgent Nourishment’s body lotion was on offer and reduced to £2.50/3 ish which I thought was quite a good price! They had a few different flavours and I opted for Shea Butter which is a specific one for dry skin. I wasn’t holding out much hope to be honest, but I have to say Dove have knocked my socks off!

First of all let me tell you about the smell, the Shea Butter smells amazing, it’s really rich and almost cocoa like. I love it; it also lasts on your skin all day so you’re left with a sweet scent all day. It isn’t sickly sweet though as even my Mum like the smell of Shea butter and she hates sweet scented stuff! I’m the opposite I love everything like that, hey I’m currently burning a Yankee Candle in Vanilla Cupcake flavour which makes my flat smell you’re inhabiting in a world full of frosting and homemade sponge. The moisturiser itself is rich and creamy and really moisturises your skin. It leaves it feeling supple and moisturised all day long. When I first got this, I found I was peeling a little bit after sunbathing in that heat wave we had a few weeks back. This has completely helped my skin get back to normal and peeling is a thing of the past! I also think that this moisturiser has helped keep my tan and considering I haven’t been in the sun for almost a week, my tan is still looking pretty good! I will definitely be repurchasing this moisturiser as I feel I have found a bit of a winner. It will be great for when I’m back from America to help maintain my tan and it also smells divine. Of course one of the best things though is the price; it doesn’t break that bank which is always a good thing!
So let me know what’s your favourite moisturiser? Let me know as I will have to stock up on some to try when I come back from America! I hope you're all having a great week and speak soon :)


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