My New Make Up Bag: Cath Kidston Two Fold Toiletry Bag


I am a lover of all things Cath Kidston, if I had my way, the flat I share with my boyfriend would be adorned with everything Cath Kidston. We'd have the duvet's, curtains, cushions, the lot! However my boyfriend isn't a fan which means I have to keep the florals to a minimum, sad face. I do however try to keep myself happy by adding little touches of Cath Kidston here and there, for example my bedside table is very floral orientated and so are my accessories including my make up bag. I'd had the same Cath Kidtson make up bag since January 2011 and after a long time of holding my make up, it was starting to look a little shabby to say the least! When my sister asked what I'd like for my birthday, I replied a make up bag. I was starting to get embarrassed of my old one it was that tatty and no matter how many times I cleaned it, the make up stains would remain. My sister Hayley chose another Cath Kidston bag for me which has a gorgeous pale blue floral design which I love. It's really summery and fresh and is a nice change to my old one!

I love the two fold toiletry bag as it holds so much! Maybe this is a bad thing though as it means I can lug a fair bit of make up around with me. However I love the fact you can separate everything, I have separated mine into face and eye make up. It makes it easier to organise and every couple of weeks I will go through it and take out anything that I'm not using. I am also trying to keep this bag as clean as possible, I try to baby wipe it every couple of days but at the end of the day make up is make up. As I'm already on holiday (well should be as this is a scheduled post) I did some rearranging to decide what would come stateside with me. I also made sure that I made enough room so that I can bring my new purchases home with me! I may buy some more two fold toiletry bags as they're so handy for your skincare and toiletries too!

You can get Cath Kidston make up bags from either Cath Kidston or stockists such as department stores or ASOS. I hope you're all having a great week and like my new very pretty make up bag! Speak soon :)


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