New York! New York!


Just a quick post from me to let you know we've arrived safe and sound in NYC! We're loving it here so far and I can't believe how big and busy this city is! It doesn't seem real that we're here! So a quick lowdown so far, it's very humid here so definite shorts weather (hurrah) we've done a hop on hop off bus tour, seen all the sights! We've seen times square, empire state Building (going up that on Monday though) grand central station, the statue of liberty (from a park) and much much more! It's crazy seeing places that are on the tv so much! We're doing the gossip girl tour tomorrow so really excited for that! We went past the empire hotel today so I waved to chuck bass!

We've also had some yummy food, at breakfast I ate the most amazing pancakes I've ever tasted. Also had a slice of new York pizza which I have to say means pizza hut will never be the same again! The portions are huge, my small appetite is struggling!

We also saw Michelle Obama today iat broadway in her car! She waved and gave the thumbs up to us all! Me and my boyfriend were like this :O

So yes we're having a great time, it's my boyfriends birthday tomorrow ( well already today in England) so we've got a busy day planned :) I hope you're all well back home and I'll check in soon. :)

Me with the statue of liberty behind me :)

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