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A slightly different post from me today but seeing as it was my little (though not so little now, she's taller than me!) sister's prom last week, I thought I would do a post about how I did her hair and make up. I realise that the majority of prom's have now taken place but if you're still waiting to go to yours then this may also come in helpful! I also thought as my sister is very pale it may be interesting to see what I used as you all know that pale is not a word that features on this blog very often! I was assigned the job of hair and make up artist oh and photographer too for my sister Hayley's prom last Wednesday evening. Did you know I had so many talents? Nope me neither, I was originally nervous when my sister asked me to do her hair and make up as I was so worried I would get it wrong or she wouldn't like it. Your prom is quite a big moment and it's one of the few times you get to really dress up. We decided to go with a theme which was Bella Swan's make up and hair from the Twilight film Breaking Dawn. My sister is a huge Twilight fan so as soon as I set eyes on Bella's wedding make up I knew she'd want something very similar! The lowdown of what I used is below.

We did have a couple of practises before the big night which helped a lot! It made Hayley see what she liked and what she didn't, which meant for the Prom I could get her make up to just how she wanted it. Unlike her sister, Hayley doesn't wear an awful lot of make up, so I wanted to make sure she still felt like her and not someone else. For the base we used the MUA BB cream in Fair*, I got this at a press event and gave it to Hayley as it was too light for me, we were both really impressed with it in terms of coverage and longevity. It looked lovely and glowy but not shiny. We then used the fairest concealer from the Vichy Concealer pack from this month's Glossybox*. Although Hayley didn't really need a full coverage concealer, this just help concealed any blemishes and left her confident it would last all night. Next was a powder from Rimmel (True Matte) and then blush we used Stila Custom Colour Blush as I read that this was what the make up artist on set of Breaking Dawn used on Kristen Stewart and you can even see it in one of the scenes! This created a subtle pink glow. I then added a touch of Sunbeam from Benefit* on Hayley's cheekbones and nose to add some highlight! Moving onto the eyes, I used my beloved Naked palette (what else) and used Sin all over the lid, Naked in the crease and Buck on the lash line. Then Hayley put lots of Benefit They're Real* mascara and lined her waterline with a Stila eyeliner. Finally I brushed through her brows with an Accessorize brow pencil* and then set her make up with the Vitamin E Face Mist. Hayley then added a touch of nude lipgloss from Accessorize for a natural lip.

For the hair we again went for the Bella look and after watching numerous youtube tutorials, we finally nailed the look! Hayley adapted it to how she wanted it but it was very easy to do! It involved a hair donut made out of tights and lots of plaits! I may do a youtube tutorial on it if anyone wants to see as it was so easy and looks so nice! Then the finishing touch was with the adding of a duplicate of Bella's hair comb. Finally Hayley was ready, she looked stunning and her make up and hair went perfectly with her royal blue chiffon dress. She was the belle of ball and I was a very proud sister! I have to say I think her make up and hair looked pretty damn good if I say so myself. I should start having more faith in myself! So there we go, a mammoth post all about prom! Has it been your prom lately? Or if yours is still to come, I hope you have a lovely time! :)

*PR Samples

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