The Most Over Hyped Toner? Caudalie Beauty Exlir Review


I’ve spoke before of how I want to try and stop getting sucked into blogger hypes. I always feel I must have what everyone else is raving about but sometimes I feel that things can be over rated and I’m left with a product I don’t want to blog about because the world and it’s dog has. One of the most hyped products lately has to be the Caudalie Beauty Exlir. French in origin and adored by famous fans such as Victoria Beckham who even tweeted about this, the blogging world went a little crazy for it! At first I was under whelmed thinking it was essentially just a facial spritz in a glass bottle, but soon I got sucked in and as soon as I heard it was good for your pores/spots I was in. I ordered it online from an online beauty shop called Natursimo, as Feel Unique was constantly sold out. I got the 30 ml bottle which is tiny and priced at about £8/9, which is a bit of a shocking price. I thought I’d gone slightly mad when it arrived; I made a mental note to not let my boyfriend know how much I'd paid for this baby bottle.

Many people use the beauty exlir in different ways, the way I use it is as a toner. I tend to use it in the mornings after a shower to wake up my skin. It’s refreshing and leaves my skin feeling tingly and clean. It has a smell that smells quite minty to me, many don’t like the smell but I don’t mind it! It’s supposed to be good for when you feel a little unwell etc., so whenever I feel a little peaky I spray a bit of this and it helps me feel back to normal. I find that when I have a breakout this stings a little which means it must be doing something to the spots for them to sting. Personally I don’t mind this as I’d rather feel like a product is working than doing nothing! I have to admit though as nice as this spray is, I don’t think it’s made a massive difference to my skin. Spots do tend to go down quicker but I think that is due to a multitude of reasons and the skincare routine I finally have. I do like the Beauty Exlir but I wouldn’t call it my Holy Grail product, I really like using it in the mornings to refresh my skin and it has a calming effect on me. However the price puts me off from re purchasing, you’re looking at £9 for a 30 ml bottle or £25+ for a 100ml bottle. This is a price that I can’t quite justify for essentially a nice facial spritz. I am in a bit of a quandary though as I think this would be a great product to take on holiday with me, but I literally have the tiniest bit left. Do I repurchase? Or look for something similar to spray on my face whilst travelling? I know that many bloggers love this and you have to remember everything works for people in different ways. If you’re unsure whether to splash the cash on the Beauty Exlir then I’d maybe leave it, it’s a luxury product. Maybe when I win the lottery I will use this every day but right now as a new graduate I’ll have to stick to my Body Shop ways.

Have you tried Beauty Exlir? What were your thoughts? Or do you know of a dupe? Let me know! I'm still undecided about purchasing this again, but feel I need a revamp on my skincare! Once I'm back off holiday, some new items will be winging their way to my bedside table! Any recommendations would be very welcome :)


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