American Adventure: Part Three: Miami


So it's time for the final instalment of my American adventure. Miami Baby! Miami was a part of the holiday I was really excited about. After an amazing ten days, by the time we got to Miami we were shattered. Our feet were aching from the constant walking and we were in need of a good old chill. Chilling is definitely a favourite past time of mine and all I wanted to do for the next few days was to sit by the pool or on the beach, reading my saucy but overrated book and listening to some of my favourite boys, One Direction on my Ipod. But before I get to that, let's start from the beginning.

We arrived in Miami after a really short flight from Orlando, I was most annoyed that I was two minutes from the end of my Geordie Shore episode (well not mine, the one I was watching, though I wouldn't say no to an appearance in Geordie Shore so I could be friend Charlotte) when the pilot announced we were about to land. We were staying at the Riu Florida Beach which is on Collins Avenue, as we were in the taxi we started to see Miami and we were like 'I'm in Miami do do do' then we soon stopped when we started to realise we were leaving the action and we drove further away to get to our hotel. The hotel itself was really nice, really nice modern rooms, clean, a shower that worked and yeah nice. But it was in the middle of nowhere. Yes it was on Collins Avenue but down the wrong bloody end! The travel agents had told us that this hotel was in the action and was in walking distance to loads! Yeah walking distance if you're a pissing superhero. The only thing within walking distance was a subway! I'm yet to write my grumpy email to the travel agents, and we've said if we did a holiday like this again we won't take their advice we'll do everything ourselves. Okay grumble over, but just a heads up if you stay at this hotel you need to be prepared to take taxi's everywhere, which to be honest is a pain in the arse. But like I said it was a nice hotel.

Day One: We arrived and quickly we unpacked, threw on our swimming gear and headed to the beach! The hotel was right on the beach and it was lovely and clean, not a cigarette butt in sight. We lay down on our towels and thought 'aaaah this is the life.' About an hour later the rain started, so we headed to the room. Then that evening we had a little explore where we found out the nearest eatery was Subway. But I promised no more grumbling so we'll end day one there.

Day Two: Feeling better after some sleep and working out where we wanted to head at night we felt a bit more positive. We headed to breakfast which was included as part of our stay and it was very yummy! It was a buffet with everything you could ever want, there was even tuna and salad! Crazy! I had fresh pancakes, fresh fruit and nutella every morning and it was delicious. I miss pancakes so much, might have to make some soon! We then went to the beach where we topped the tans up, swam in the seaweedy sea and well just chilled. It was bloomin lovely. In the evening we headed to Bayside Walk which about a $20 cab ride away, it was like a massive outdoor mall think Gunwharf Quays or Cheshire Oaks if you've ever been there but bigger. We had a mooch round the shops and then went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and ate outside looking over the marina. We left feeling very full that's for sure! We didn't get too much shopping wise but it was good just to visit and see what was going on!

The Outfits: 
Day One: Playsuit: H&M
Sandals: Steve Madden (same in all photos)
Day Two: Dress used as top: Primark
Shorts: River Island
Day Three: Top: H&M 
Shorts: Topshop 
Day Four: Dress: Topshop 

Day Three: We decided to have a pool day today as the sea had lots of seaweed and it was freaking me out a little. We basically sat by the pool, swam, I read my saucy book and yeah not much to say! In the evening we headed down Collins Avenue to where the action was! We headed to Sephora (where else) and looked round lots of other shops. We then had dinner across from the beach in an Italian which I can't remember the name of and had a really lovely pizza. We finished our night in the hotel bar laughing at the dodgy live music. If anyone says we don't know how to live.. they're wrong.

The Beach Edition:
Orange Bikini from Ebay but can also be found on Own The Runway
Navy Bikini: Topshop
Sunglasses: Topshop 
Henry's Shorts: Next

Day Four: Our final day in Miami and on holiday, sob, sob, sob. I got up nice early and sat by the pool as had to make the most of the tanning! We then had a lovely day of sunbathing, sleeping, reading, eating and then down to the beach to take some snaps. I told my boyfriend that I hadn't packed all these nice bikini's for there to be no photos of them, my boyfriend replied "you're supposed to wear these bikini's for me, you only wear stuff for your blog readers!" Guys, he's figured me out! I thought that would make you all chuckle, anyone else's boyfriend say things like this?! Then in the evening we headed to Lincoln outside Mall and hit shops such as American Apparel and Ulta. We could of done with two nights down there as there was so much! There was lots of places to eat but after two weeks of eating lots, I was a bit over food. We opted for a last American McDonald's, come on don't make that face at me, I actually quite like McDonald's.. I know, I know but I'm still a nice person! We then headed back to pack and get ready for our 3:30 am wake up call... OUCH.

Then that was it, we were on our way to the airport waving goodbye to America and coming home with lots of amazing memories. I almost had a Disney world moment where I cried because I didn't want to leave but I didn't. We spent the last few hours of our holiday on the plane home relaxing watching lots of films! We flew with United there and back and I have to say I can't fault them. I was amazed with the fact we had our own TVs, blankets and kept getting free drinks!! I almost hyperventilated when they gave us free packets of pretzels. We watched loads of films and the eight hours passed very quickly. Too soon we back on English soil feeling like the past two weeks had all been a dream. I'm now ready for my next holiday, I'd best get saving though if I want to go back to Disney anytime soon! So my American Adventure posts are now finished, I hope you've enjoyed them, I've sure enjoyed writing them! I hope you've all had a lovely Thursday and I'm sure I'm not quite done with the holiday related posts yet :)


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