How to Get That Summer Glow


So funnily enough I used to be a matte skin kinda girl, the thought of any shine on my face quite frankly scared me. I was never far from a matte powder to dab on when any pesky shine showed up. However fast forward about 18 months I'm the complete opposite. I pretty much detest matte skin on me and most days I ditch the powder. A lot of this is down to miss Millie mackintosh who you all know is my make up icon. She always has the most amazing glowy skin that I am on a mission to re create. She's never really said what she uses to get that glow, even in this months company magazine when they ask her she just talks about how she hates having matte skin. I'm like "Millie, we want to know the products!!" From reading her beauty blog (link here btw) and stalking her tweets, she's given away a couple of products she uses. These include the chantacaille just skin tinted moisturiser, which I will own one day, right now I can't justify the price tag and she also has used the l'oreal lumi magique primer which is a bit of a dupe for a product I'm about to talk about. I feel I'm almost there with recreating the Millie glow, so Millie mack it's time to watch your back. Hey that rhymed!

My favourite products to create a glowy complexion. 

First of all to get the glowy look you need to have moisturised skin, I've always found it quite hard to get that dewy look when your skin is dry. I always pop on a moisturiser before my make up, it's usually the body shop mattifying day cream which also helps keep oiliness at bay. After all I want to look glowy not so shiny my make up looks like its about to slide off. I leave this to set in before I start applying my base.

Next I use a low coverage foundation, again I have found low/medium coverage bases to work better when you want that glow as they look quite natural. The whole aim of this look is to look quite natural and radiant and as of you've hardly made an effort when in fact you've spent ages putting your make up on. I've been using two bases lately, either the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser which I've already done a review on here or the body shops BB cream which I picked up last week. I've been loving the BB cream this week as its a little different to other products I've used before. It comes out as a white product and then adapts to your skin when blended in. There's 3 shades, I picked number 2 and it has adapted to my skin perfectly. It's low coverage so I use a higher coverage concealer for my problem areas. This does give quite a nice glow, but I've taken to mixing it with MAC's strobe cream. This is what I discovered when I shopped my stash last week, it's a glowy highlight but doesn't make you look shimmery, just glowy and radiant. God knows why I stopped using it! I tend to mix this with my BB cream focusing on my cheekbones, nose and forehead. This leaves me with a glowy complexion.

I then add my concealer to my problem areas and really buff it in so it still looks natural. I then apply some bronzer and some blush to the apple of my cheeks. I tend to add the tiniest bit of tarte tipsy blush to my cheeks to get a summery colour. I've gone a bit off blush lately but I've ordered something from mac that might replace my blush. Ooh all will be revealed in due course though. After this I then go back with the strobe cream, I apply a little more to my cheekbones, nose and brow bone. Then I have the perfect amount of dewy glow, don't worry I know it sounds like its glow overload but it's really not!

My current favourite make up look using the above products :) 

I finish my look with a glowy gold coppery eye, lots of lashes, I'm even getting into false lashes again lately (too much Geordie shore I think) and then a natural peachy lip or if my eyes are natural, my ysl peach passion lippy. I have to say even though my I have oily skin this look doesn't make me look oily, I sometimes add a little powder on my tzone but I never find myself thinking oh my god I look greasy. I'm loving the bb cream and strobe cream love affair and if strobe cream is a little out of your budget then the lumi magique primer is quite similar, and a lot cheaper! Millie mack also uses it, win, win.

So this is my favourite current look, it's all about the glow! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday afternoon and evening , today was my day off so I've spent the morning in the sun and now catching up on blogs as it's gone a bit grey outside! Hope you enjoy your last bit of the weekend too :)



  1. Gorgeous look, you look so fresh and healthy :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Definitely going to try this look!

  3. Aw you look amazing :) thanks for the tips! I've been looking for a BB cream, I'm so unsure on which to purchase but I think you've made my mind up for me :)

    L x

  4. I love the look of the BB cream and tinted moisturisers I just cant break myself away from a fully covered face! It looks amazing on you :) xx

  5. Such a fresh look. I always think people with glowy skin look so happy! I really need to get out of the habit of reaching for my pressed powder all the time :)


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