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First things first apologies for the lack of posts in the past few days, I know most of you probably won't of noticed but I always hate letting my blog fall behind but hey sometimes life gets in the way. I've had a bit of a busy old week with work, I've been working pretty long hours this week, think 9/10 each day and then not getting home till 9pm. It's been fair to say I've been too shattered to blog so thought I'd have a break, let the crazy working die down and then get back on the blogalog. I have to say, my student days are long gone, I'm missing those afternoon naps like you wouldn't believe ;) Okay so back to the beauty business, I'm talking about a brand new spanking nail polish brand today that I think you're all going to love because well a certain favourite of ours also loves them. But more on that later.

Killer Colours are a new nail brand that are bringing a brand new concept to nail polish collections, unlike usual brands where you have permanent shades, Killer Colours will release a line of limited edition colours which are based on basically what's hot right now. The first five colours are A/W 12 based and feature colours that were seen on the runways. The colours are also perfect for Autumn, think rich berry and cool metallic shades. I really love the concept of a new line being brought out each season, it's quite exciting and definitely a way to keep re-inventing yourself. Also is there another better way to get a beauty addicts pulse racing with saying the words 'limited edition'? Makes you go all weak at the knees. The polishes also have a professional formula and use a blend of four plasticisers to give the nail the 'ideal flex' to keep your nails chip free for as long as possible. Not bad eh? The polishes are also the big 3 free, something I'd never heard of before reading up on Killer Colours, this means they're free of nasty chemicals which you can get in some nail polish. These chemicals are Dibutyl Phthalate ( used to prevent chipping but is also used in items such as adhesive) Formaldehyde (which isn't something you need to worry too much about unless you are allergic to) and Toluene (this makes the polish easy to apply and can also be found in gasoline, glues and many more. Yikes) I was pretty shocked by all this, but pleased to see Killer Colours have achieved fab nail polish without the chemicals. They're also made within the UK which is always nice. 

Belladonna & Twisted Silk*

Moving onto the actual application of the polish, I was sent two shades to try, Belladonna ( an electric blue as a lady at work described it the other day) and Twisted Silk ( a icy baby pink which could be sisters with Essie Fiji and Models Own Utopia.) The polishes glide on lovely and have a nice brush which makes application pretty easy, you need about two coats which is usual and I have to say about four days later after applying and working crazy hours there is only one tiny chip on my thumb. They also dried really fast which is a need for a fidget like me. The other colours in the range are gorgeous too, I also love Firewater which is a rich berry and Quicksand, a polished nude. But I've left the best till last. It's not just me who loves these polishes, it's also Millie Mackintosh. You all know how much I love her so I basically hyperventilated when I saw her blog and tweet about Killer Colours. She loves the whole range and has sported Belladonna, Twisted Silk and Gunmetal ( a metallic Gothic grey) at recent showbiz events. I'm not just giving Killer Colours a golden review though because Millie loves them, of course that helps, but I really love the concept of Killer Colours. It's new, it's exciting and I love nail colours that fit in with the current trends. I can't wait to see the next range of colours and I can't stop admiring my Belladonna nails. You can buy Killer Colours from their website (link

So I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, today was my day off and it was much needed!I also have some time off tomorrow so I can't wait to really get back into blogging, and having a good old catch up! I also need to do flat errands such as cleaning and washing.. the glamorous life of a beauty blogger eh!! Have a good evening :) 

*PR Samples 


  1. that's an intersting concept they came up with! Speaking of 3 free I think Butter London polishes are also free of nasties :) A bit pricey though but I love the colour range! xx

  2. love the colours!

  3. the blue shade is just so pretty ! x

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