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It's that time of the week again, Sunday. How fast does it always come round, well how fast does the weekend pass? Too fast I think that's for sure! I've had a pretty boring week this week, I've just been working and eagerly awaiting pay day which was a bit of a disappointment to be honest with you. However hopefully the next week will be more interesting as we're going back home next weekend for my cousin's wedding reception. I'm still not 100% what I'm wearing, at the moment it could be a little lace number that Flack will be wearing on Xtra Factor this weekend or if I'm lucky it might be a beautiful dress that I'm watching on Ebay. I guess you'll find out next weekend though when I post the photos... ooh the suspense! I'm also stupidly excited about Xfactor, as Cheryl is back! Hooray. Judges houses is always my favourite week of xfactor so I'm terribly excited. A little sad but hey. So let's get on with this week's Sunday Favourites.

This week's fave clothes purchase is these amazing jeans from Primark. They're topshop leigh dupes and are a fraction of the price at £11. I wanted a new black pair as mine from ASOS are really uncomfortable to wear! I thought you can't go wrong with an £11 pair of jeans.

This week I discovered a new love, Superdrug's dry shampoo. I am a massive lover of dry shampoo and use it practically every day to get volume in my hair! However I found that sometimes Batiste could leave my roots looking a little grey which isn't the best! However when browsing Superdrug I noticed they had their dry shampoo for £1.99 and on offer, when you buy one you get two free! Bargain of the century! So far I've used the brunette version which is amazing. It completely matches your roots and creates volume! I will probably do a more in depth post about these soon, but for now, I have a new fave dry shampoo.

This week I have been really loving the Real Techniques contour brush. It's amazing for contouring, applying liquid highlight and blush! I love it and it's becoming a new hero of mine.

Well this week's fave song has to be One Direction's Live Whilst You're Young. You all know I'm a little bit partial to Harry and the other boys, so much so I even have pens with their faces on. ( When proof reading this post, I thought that just said penis.. omg. LOL) This is released tonight (!) and I can't wait to get it on my Ipod as I've had to deal with just repeatedly watching the video on You tube. Not that I'm complaining mind you. #helloharrystylestopless My boyfriend came into our room the other day when I was getting ready and went 'how many times have you listened to that song?!' I think he just wants a water fight though.

I'm going through a nude phase. No don't worry I'm not abandoning my clothes with flee at any opportunity. Oh no. I'm going through a nude nail phase. Aaah now you see. It may be a little boring but personally I'm quite liking that whole mannequin polished hand look. This week's favourite is Models Own Slate Grey which is a beautiful nude colour. Also Models Own currently have a 50% sale on.. I know amazing eh? The code is SUMMERSALE so go, go, go.

So there we have it, this week's favourites. Next week's might be a little late as I'll be travelling back from up nooorth. Not that I'm from the north, more the midlands, but I wish I was more northern. I'd love a Geordie accent, but I don't think I could hack the colder weather. Ha I'm talking as if Newcastle is the north pole! Hope you've all had a lovely week and I'll see you sooooon! :)


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  1. The RT brushes are amazing, i love them too and the nail varnish looks very pretty! I always get excited whenever a new post of yours shows up on my feed :) xx


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