I Want To Be Cheryl: L'oreal Colour Richie Lipstick Plum Passion


So you should all know by now, I'm a bit of a fan of Cheryl Cole. From her big bouncy hair, to her cute dimples, I always find myself thinking ' ah I want to be you Cheryl!' I was pretty excited when I heard Cheryl was going to feature in Xfactor at judges houses with Gary Barlow. I couldn't wait to see what she was wearing, what her hair would be like, what make up look she would go for and boy I wasn't disappointed. Cheryl went for a very autumnal look, smokey brown eyes and a beautiful plum lip. I'd never had any interest in plum lipstick before but all of a sudden I found myself thinking ' I NEED THAT LIPSTICK IN MY LIFE.' Luckily it was a L'oreal number, in fact it was their Colour Richie Plum Passion shade. I knew where I was heading the next day. Boots.

Luckily without having to wrestle any other Cheryl fans to the floor, I picked one of the last Plum Passion's up along with a cheapo plum lip liner, I haven't watched Pixiwoo's videos for years and not learnt anything you know. I then got home and thought....'hmm so what am I going to do now?' This is quite a scary colour for someone who finds a peachy coral 'daring' so all of a sudden I was thinking about adorning my lips in Plum? Was I crazy? I thought, 'if Cheryl can do it I can.' I also have the same colour hair as Cheryl and similar colouring so it must suit me if it suits her right? I first of all fannyed around with this lipstick, using it as a tint, then finally I grew some balls and applied it how it should be applied, in all it's plum passiony glory. Of course it has taken getting used to, I find it works best with a smokey brown eye and not much blush, it's all about the contour. Of course I haven't actually worn it out of the house *yet* but I promise I will. I even filmed a Youtube video wearing it, so if I can brave youtube surely I can brave the real world.

Sadly I am not transformed into Cheryl, but I do feel a little like her. I just need to practise my Geordie accent which despite watching endless amounts of Geordie Shore I still can't do! In terms of longevity this does last quite well, it's not amazing but hey it's like £7 so what can you say. I would recommend a lip liner as it's pretty tricky to apply, the other day I applied it and looked like I'd had too much ribena! I'm sure I'll get better though and who knows I could be getting my Cheryl on and wearing this plum lip throughout the whole of Autumn/Winter. Ooh la la.

So have you got your Cheryl on? Or are you sticking to nudes? I hope you've all had a good day, I'm off to go practise that Geordie accent.


  1. This colour is GORGEOUS! You suit it so well Corrie :)



  2. I did a post on this lipstick too, I love it! Also just did a post on her concert that I went to last night if you wana have a peek :D


  3. can I just say, your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!!! so jealous right now!
    love this lipstick too x

  4. you are basically cheryl in these pics. love that colour on you! xo

  5. This colour actually looks amazing on you Corrie!
    Such a lovely colour, i'm so going to have to buy it

  6. Love this colour and you look stunning!!!

    I think you are prettier than Cheryl :)


  7. this shade looks amazing on you hun ! definitely should be worn out ! xx

  8. Looks gorgeous on you :)

    I love that jumper too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. Yesss I've got my Cheryl on! I purchased the Red Passion and really like it. I think I might have to try the Plum Passion too :)

  10. I love this Lippy shade and I LOVE your hair it's lush I'm soo jealous hehe I've decided to give your blog a follow and I was wondering if you'd perhaps take a peek at my blog and follow back please?

  11. Beautiful! I love that shade on you :) xx

  12. What a lovely colour on you! Dont be scared to wear it out .. it really suits you!



  13. Gorgeous as ever Corrie! I'm loving plum lips at the moment. The Kate Moss Matte in 107 is a beautiful colour. Love the new blog layout too. X

  14. Love the lipstick... and your hair!

  15. Hey there !

    I have to say that i'm a huge fan of Cheryl too, and OMG I would love to look like her by just wering her lipstick !! :D

    It is cute and classy, love the color. You look gorgeous wearing it !

    Sorry for my English, I'm french :)

  16. This is such a lovely colour!


  17. thats such a lovely colour, suits you xx

  18. Gorgeous colour. I think everybody was in awe over Cheryl's lippy! xx


  19. the colour of this lipstick is amazing! :) xx


  20. A darker lip really suits you, gorgeous! X


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