We Gotta Fight, Fight, Fight For This Love: Lavish Alice Military Outfit


So first things first, I am Lavish Alice's Blogger of the month. How cool is that? I'll be doing a post for them each week in October and featuring a Lavish Alice outfit. I was so chuffed to be asked as well I don't really see myself as a cool fashion blogger. You know when you go on Bloglovin and you see all these trendy types  looking all natural in the street and then there's me who's like got a proper cheesy grin and usually has to crop out household items such as ironing boards and hoovers which are in the background. It's safe to say that none of the uber cool fashion bloggers will be quaking in their boots. Anyway this week I'm all about military. Military is a huge trend this season as I'm sure you are all aware off! Everywhere you look there's khaki, military inspired items and being quite a girly girl, I was like 'surely this trend won't suit me.' However this military blouse from Lavish Alice has proved me wrong and hopefully if you're feeling a bit scared of military like I was, I can show you there is a way to wear it!

Blouse: Lavish Alice*
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Primark 

Blouse: Lavish Alice*
Shorts: River Island 

This blouse is nice and fitted meaning it still feels feminine, I also like the gold buttons because well I'm a bit of a magpie. I also love that this blouse can be worn with anything, denim shorts, black jeans, even with skirts and tights. I loved wearing it with shorts when it was warmer and now it's a bit chiller, I'm loving the look with black jeans. Black jeans are a new staple in my wardrobe! Many celebrities also have very similar blouses including one of my style icons Caroline Flack. Well you all know how much I love her, so if it's good enough for Flack it's good enough for me! When I popped it on, my boyfriend said 'you look like one of Cheryl's Soldier's.' Being a massive Cheryl fan, this pleased me. He probably meant it as one of his funny remarks he makes about my clothes, remember the 'you look like a boy?' But I'm taking it as a compliment.

I'm now ready to face more edgy autumn trends, I'm coveting a army jacket ( I know) and a beanie hat that everyone seems to be wearing these days. I don't even like hats! What's up with that? If you want to read my blog post for Lavish Alice you can do here, also keep an eye out for my other posts for LA. I'd better go now as I'm packing for my weekend away back home. When you read this, I should be back home and getting myself ready for my cousin's wedding reception. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, check my instagram (dizzybrunette3) for preview of my outfits and slap (the stuff I wear on my face.)



  1. i really like the first outfit :) especially shoes <3


  2. love your new blog layout ! and that blouse is HOT ! x

  3. Love the outfit and the new blog layout! X

    :: LUCYSLUXE ::

  4. That shirt is gorgeous...your new layout looks fab too!

    Jo xo


  5. Well done on being blogger of the month! It's a gorgeous blouse, lovely colour for this time of year too xx

  6. Love the khaki colour:)!


  7. love the shirt!
    check out my blog if you have the time:)xx

  8. Ooh congrats on being Lavish Alices blogger of the month- how exciting! And I love your pics, they're much more natural and it's nice to see a blogger with a smile on their face!

    This blouse is so cute, looks really feminine whilst taking part in the military madness. Looks great with jeans and shorts :) xx

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  9. Oh how exciting to be a Lavish Alice blogger! I always, always adore their pieces, and this shirt is perfect. I very nearly bought an overpriced version at Topshop today, but after seeing this one on you, I may sneak a LA order in...! Lovin' the new layout too sweet! xx

  10. Love your blog layout! Which foundation are you wearing in this it looks so lovely!?

    Sissy xx

  11. I love that colour this season- you've styled the blouse in ways I would definitely wear :) I love your new layout! xx

  12. Cute looks, i loe the flats and you look great! Well done on being the blogger of the month :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  13. I love the shirt and black jeans combo, and i can't believe there primark jeans! deffo going to have a trip to primark this week xx


  14. Looks lovely with the shorts, I can imagine it looking great with a pencil skirt too! I want your hair so bad! Beaut xx

  15. Bloody love this outfit!!
    Im new to blogging so need help please :) xxxx

  16. Love your outfits, the blouse suits you so well! x

  17. Love this corrie .. Looks great :) I'm definitely not a military khaki kinda girl but this is more understated so is probably more easy to wear without feeling self conscious .

  18. I love that shirt, looks great on you and I don't really like the military trend but love this!
    Really creepy but I think my friend used to live where you live.. I recognise the apartments! x


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