'I only went in for one thing...' the lure of drugstores/Boots


Okay so we've all been there when we've popped into Boots/Superdrug or a drugstore if you're from over the pond. We go in for one thing and one thing only, mine is usually something boring like cotton wool pads. However you always get sidetracked by more exciting products and before you know it, you're at the till spending £20.00. You then walk out and realise you forgot to get bloody cotton wool pads!! I am forever doing this, more so now I work full time. I can get a little bored on my lunch break so pop to Boots for a 'browse' before you know it, my arms are full with products, saying to myself ' these 3 for 2 offers are just too good.' Now, back in the old days, whatever beauty product I bought, I would blog about, but these days that doesn't happen due to time and not enough hours in the day. So I thought I'd compile a little post of products that have caught my eye lately and may of ended up in my basket when shopping at Boots.
Essie Nail Polishes: When Essie first launched in Boots, I wasn't wowed. I liked a few shades but didn't feel the need to go and buy them all. However lately their new collections have been beautiful and I have found myself sneaking a new shade into my basket. I went through a nude polish phase and Miss Fancy Pants ( I promise I didn't just buy this for it's name.. honest ;) ) is a gorgeous greige polish. Next I bought just the other day, Butler Please is a gorgeous indigo colour that I fell in love with. It was the last one there and well I just had to have it didn't I?

L'oreal Opera Ballerina Nail Polish: I got this after watching the Cheryl tour documentary on ITV2 the other night, it was great, a whole hour staring at Cheryl's perfect face? That's my kind of evening. I read in the L'oreal blog that she used this nail polish, so naturally I had to buy it. You can't beat having a manicured polish pink in your collection after all.

Tresemme Dry Shampoo: I still haven't found 'that' perfect dry shampoo, so next up I'm trying Tresemme's version. It's supposed to create volume too, so time will tell if I rate it or not!

Radox Muscle Soak Bubble Bath: Recently I've been waking up with a bad back, I tell you what I am so 21 going on 81. I think I've been sleeping funny so I got some Radox to have a soak in the bath with. I find Radox's bubble baths to be quite relaxing and a bit more manly so my boyfriend doesn't have to use my Disney Princess bubble bath's when he has a soak in the tub.

So there's just a little snapshot of what's thrown in my basket when I'm in boots, when I should be really just buying cotton wool or something else rather boring! Tell me I'm not the only person who does this? Maybe I should join Drugstore's anonymous. Hello I'm Corrie and I'm addicted to buying stuff from drugstores.


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