How to look good when you've got the dreaded lurgy...


January isn't one of my favourite months. It's the month I get bored of winter and it's a month when I usually get ill. For the past couple of years I have always been ill over the New year period, this year or should I say last year I caught the dreaded lurgy a week before Christmas. Winter seems to be a breeding time for germs, how many of us have had colds or even worse that winter sickness bug? Who else is bleaching and anti bacing themselves like a crazy fool to not get it? However sometimes no matter how much anti bacterial soap you use, you get ill and well you have to get on with it. Having a cold is no fun, you feel like rubbish and you usually look it too. Well I know, I do. When I had a cold it was written all over my face; nose like Rudolph, ashy grey complexion and tired eyes. However sadly most of us has to get on with our everyday lives, so I've found some products that helped me looked normal when in fact I felt like a zombie.

First of all, you need to get something inside you to start fighting that cold, in the day I always take those Beechams tablets as they help me feel a bit more normal. For the night time I rely on a old friend, Night Nurse. This is magic in a bottle, anyone who's had a cold will know how hard it makes sleeping. You've got a stuffy nose, a irritating cough and your temperature's all over the place. So Night Nurse helps you to get a good night's sleep which makes you feel a 100x better. Once you're feeling a bit better on the inside, it's time to tackle the outside.

One of the tell tale signs of a cold is the red nose. It screams ' HEY I HAVE A COLD. HEY I HAVE LOADS OF GERMS.'  Nothing like a red nose to get people digging out their anti bacterial hand wash like there's no tomorrow. So to save looking like you're about to take Santa across the world to deliver presents, you need some Happinose. This little cream is something my boyfriend introduced me too, I got it from Boots, but usually you need to ask for it. It's a cream that you put on your nose and it completely helps to soothe the area, calm the redness and even can help unblock your nose! It has little kids on the box which means it's probably for kids, but come on, which adult likes having a red nose? Pop some of this on before bed and your nose will be looking a lot perkier come the morning.

Next it's time to sort out your complexion. Being ill means being pale, not just normal pale, white as a bed sheet pale. It's not a good look, I'm pretty sure even old Edward Cullen couldn't pull it off. So you need to get a little colour back into your face, when I was ill I used the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner for the face. It's like a normal moisturiser which means it doesn't stink of fake tan, it doesn't stain your bedsheets and just gives you a very subtle golden glow. It really helped to make me feel a bit more normal and after a combination of those three things, no one would ever know I was ill.

So what's your top tips to look good when fighting the lurgy? I hope none of you have been getting too poorly and if you are I hope this post helps!! I hope you're all having a great week :)

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