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So I may of mentioned on here that I've been having some time off work at the moment, don't worry I'm not in rehab or anything, I had some holiday to use up.. so voila a nice two weeks off! Since this is my first proper break since July, I have been indulging in having a few lazy days. However there's a difference between a lazy day and a really lazy day. A really lazy day is when you don't put any make up on, barely move out of your pjs and showering is the biggest task of the day. A lazy day is when you're just chilling but doing other productive stuff like cleaning, blogging etc. Today I'm having a regular lazy day and sometimes I will not put a scrap of make up on my face, but I'm having a Tesco food shop delivered and expecting some parcels from the post man.. so I thought I should put on a bit of make up so I didn't scare them. I mean they're bringing up my shopping up all the flights of stairs that I can't be arsed to climb so I should at least make sure they're not scarred for life when I open the door. Of course I am exaggerating, but like most girls, I feel a bit self conscious without make up. I look about 12 and a bit of a man. My boyfriend joked I looked like Ollie Locke the other day.. at least I hope he joked.. but hey Ollie is a pretty man it could of been worse.. he could of said 'oh you look like Pitbull or something.'

Anyway, lazy day make up does what it says on the tin, it's that no make up make up. The one that makes you look like you've slapped some products on when in fact it sometimes takes longer than regular make up. However these products I've used took me five minutes to use and I look a bit more normal and hopefully less Ollie Locke ish..

Base: For my base, I wanted my skin to still breathe so I mixed two bases together to get a colour match as my face is looking a little pasty. I went for Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser which is a current favourite of mine, it's dewy, light and super easy to whack on. I bought this when I was in Miami and I was pretty tanned so this can be a little dark for my pasty days. So I mixed in Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation which is probably a little too pale for me. The two together makes a nice shade though and gives me a light, dewy coverage. I'm still not sure on Revlon's Nearly Naked, I'm still testing it out, so I'll report back with my thoughts on that one. I'm also trying to wean myself off Estee Lauder Maximum Cover, it's a amazing product but I feel it sometimes makes me look too 'made up.' I opted for the Collection lasting Perfection concealer which is a pretty good drugstore concealer. I used this on any blemishes ( aka the slight monster on my forehead) red marks on my cheeks and those dreaded eye bags. Then I added a bit of colour to my face with Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Natural which is my favouritest ( yes that is a word.. well it is to me) bronzer. Natural and sun kissed is the look I'm after. I skipped blush and highlighter, 'ain't nobody got time for that' on a lazy day.

Eyes: I kept my eyes simple, no smokey eye today, no soiree. I used my Bare Minerals duo eyeshadow in Top Shelf across my lid. This is a gorgeous palette and I may do a separate review actually. I popped the lightest champagne colour all over my lid and then curled my lashes and popped on some of Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Endless mascara as I feel totally naked without mascara. I brushed through my brows and left them at that, I'm quite lucky that my brows are pretty dark naturally and well seeing as Cara Delevingne is the girl of the moment, messy brows are in.

Lips: Finally to just add a dash of colour, MAC Shy Girl did the ticket and to be fair was the first lipstick I picked out of my handbag. I don't usually wear lipstick round the flat but I couldn't not take a picture with no lipstick on. That would just be shocking.

Who said beauty bloggers were always glamorous? I'd hashtag keeping it real but I can't find the hashtag on this Mac computer. 
Jumper: Mango 
Jeans: Primark 

My usual attire for a lazy day? Either joggers (how stylish) and a hoodie, or old jeans and a jumper like I'm wearing today. Olivia Palermo eat your heart out. So today I've mostly watched Chasing The Saturday's (new guilty pleasure and lets me indulge in my girl crush of Mollie King) The Hills ( still love that show like I'm 17 again) and listened to One Direction and Justin Bieber really loudly to annoy my noisy neighbours. I reckon there's about five of them living in one flat and they are always slamming their front door (which is really loud) at 3 am. And then they talk really loudly whilst waiting for the lift which is outside my door. GRRRRR. I think maybe I should get myself back to work before I set up a Neighbourhood watch group. See you soon :)


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  1. I LOVE lazy days! You still look so should see me with no makeup and still in my jarma bottoms haha! To hashtag on a MAC press alt and number 3 xxx


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