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Okay so Valentine's day is just a couple of days away, which means the shops are filled with roses, soppy cards and fluffy teddy's. Like I mentioned in a previous post, my boyfriend and I never do that much for Valentine's day. But if you're going out for a nice meal, or drinks with your loved one, it's nice to feel pampered in preparation for your date. If I had a special occasion to go to, I'd be digging the fake tan out, curling my lashes to high heaven and adorning my nails in a glossy colour. But sometimes we forget about some pampering some body parts, and they can be the most important. I'm talking about hands and lips. See pretty important body parts. Teamed with the winter weather, it's currently snowing outside as I write this, our hands and lips take a bit of a beating. Two things I always suffer with over winter and I know a lot people do too.. it's dry hands and chapped lips. Neither are nice, neither are particularly attractive, but I've been trying out a couple of products that have been helping me beat the winter weather. Hi Ya ( that's me doing a karate chop to winter.)

Balance Me is a new favourite brand of mine, I can't believe I haven't heard of them sooner. They're a natural brand so you know that you're not putting nasties on your body. The Rose Otto hand cream* is a product I've been trying out the past few weeks. My hands have been really dry this winter and I haven't quite been able to get them back to being soft and silky. The rose Otto hand cream has a variety of different oils to help to hydrate your hands. Anti oxidant rich Arctic Cloudberry, camellia, kukui nut oils and shea butter help to soften those dry bits. Hmm lovely. I'm not really a fan of rose scented items but this hand cream isn't too strong. It's quite subtle and after time smells quite like mini eggs, which is one of my favourite smells ever. Balance Me also suggest popping this on your feet, something I'll have to try after a long day at work in heeled boots. I'm impressed with the Rose Otto hand cream, my hands have been transformed for those like a lizard's ( I don't know why I use this comparison as I'm proper scared of lizards and don't actually know what their skin looks like as I can't even look at them.) to proper people hands. So if you're going on a cheeky cinema date this Valentine's maybe pop some of this in your bag, so that when your date grazes your hand, they'll be greeted with baby soft hands. ( haha can you tell I'm not that knowledgeable about dates?)
Balance Me also sent these very cute biscuits.. I will now only ever eat biscuits which are shaped like beauty products.. Who am I kidding.. I love biscuits any shape or size..

Next up is a lip salve from the same line, the Rose Otto intensive lip salve * from Balance Me is another product I've been road testing. I hate getting chapped lips, so I'm always applying lip balms to keep the chap out. ( Sounds a bit weird that..) This comes in a handy little tube that you can apply easily throughout the day, it's passed the running up a escalator task, which is always a  biggie. The lip salve is petroleum free and has that 'it' ingredient of the moment, hyaluronic acid in to moisturise those lips. It again doesn't smell too much of rose, and leaves your lips with a nice sheen. It's doing a good job of keeping my lips plump and soft which is always a bit of a feat in winter. I've even said to my boyfriend 'you should use this..'so time will tell if it passes the boyfriend test! It passes my tests though, yay to having soft lips!

So there's two new moisturising products added to my routine, it's all about getting that moisture back this winter! Right I'm off now to go make some pancakes.. who else finds pancake day so much more exciting than Valentine's day? I am a big pancake lover though, so y'know. I also love that it's the one day of the year when you can say 'you're a champion tosser' and it not be offensive, but is still hilarious. Yes I have the sense of humour as a twelve year old.

*PR Sample 

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