The Night time Routine


Going to bed is probably one of my favourite parts of the day. I do love my sleep, but there's a pretty lengthy process into getting ready for bed. However now I'm a full time working girl, I'm pretty tired when bedtime rolls around, so I've shortened my bedtime routine by using speedy products.

Make Up Removal: The biggest task before bed is taking off my make up. There's no denying, I wear quite a bit of the stuff and being a beauty blogger, I'm sure you wouldn't expect any less. I used to be a make up wipe girl, but those days are long behind me. I use the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm to take my make up off, it's super gentle and smells amazing. It takes all my make up off and you need the tiniest amount. I've still got a 1/4 of a tub left and that's after buying it in November and using it every night, that's not too bad going. I use a flannel (Primark's finest) to then wash it off. Then I use my new all time fave cleanser, the Ren Clear Calm Clay Cleanser. It's a mouthful and obviously the person at Ren who names stuff is a fan of alliteration. But it's a gorgeous cleanser, great for sensitive skin, it's calming and really helps keep breakouts at bay. My skin has been so much clearer since using this and may I say my pores are smaller too! It doesn't dry your skin out but I can tell it helps with oiliness as well. I love it and I doubt I'll stray far from it. You may have noticed I've stopped using my Clarisonic, I don't use it as much as I used to. Mainly because I was finding it a faff to charge it. However I use it now and then as it was a lot of money. With the clear calm clay cleanser, I like to leave it on my skin for about five minutes, I'll pop it on and then brush my teeth or something. This helps to really sink in and is like a mini face mask at the same time.

Toning and Moisturising; After cleansing, I go back to my bedroom for the next step of skincare. Toning, I pop some of the Ren Clarifying toner on a cotton wool pad and wipe all over my face. I'm almost out of this and really liked it. I don't think I liked it enough to re buy but it was a nice toner that didn't dry my skin out. I'm after the Clarins brightening toner next I think. Then it's moisturiser time. I apply La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo* all over my face as it's a bit of a serum/breakout treatment. I'm going to be doing a separate review on this soon as it's been so hyped up lately! I'm after a new spot treatment as my Origins one has run out and I've weened myself off Sudocrem. I'm sure Caroline Hirons would be proud. Then I reach for either a moisturiser or oil to leave on my face over night as it's been a bit dehydrated lately. I like the Balance Me moisturiser and the Manuka Doctor Api Clear one. Or I'll apply Dr Jarts Water Moisture Sleep Mask for a injection of hydration. Or if my skin is feeling really parched I'll turn to either Balance Me Radiance Oil or Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which I'm currently testing out. I'll also pop on some of the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream* to help with my dark circles. If I'm looking pasty I'll put some Clarins Face tanner on a cotton wool pad and swipe over my face.

I don't forget about my body and make sure that I apply some Coconut Body Butter from the The Body Shop all over. So any spot treatment recommendations would be very appreciated! I'm tempted to try the Mario  Badescu one, or the Malin & Goetz one, but I don't know which! Or if there's anything else out there let me know! At the moment with having time off, my bedtime routine is completely out of sorts. I've been having trouble sleeping so I may have to invest in some of the This Works Deep Sleep range. When I'm at work, I'm out like a light. But with my little routine down to a T, I'm ready to settle down for a night of sleep and crazy dreams.

I have to tell you the dream I had the other night, I dreamt someone from Mizz magazine, why I was dreaming of a magazine that I read like when I was 12 I don't know, contacted me to ask if they could use my blog posts in their magazine. They said they'd pay me and credit me and it'd be like a beauty column. They asked if we could have a meeting and I was a bit wary so I took my boyfriend to the meeting. Then when we got there, I was like this is not right and I wanted to go and this man in a dodgy wig turned up. He was like a con man and wanted to kidnap me to be his sex slave. I'm not even joking. So we made a run for the car and I kept falling over, I dropped my Ipad and my Zara City Bag ( inside I was like do I risk my life for my new zara bag!) and then my boyfriend got to the car and my dress got caught on a gate and the man was catching up with us. Then I got my dress free and I was running to the car and so was the dodgy wig man and then I woke up. It was proper scary. So now anytime I get a email, I'm like is it the dodgy wig man? So moral of the story, be careful of Mizz magazine and don't wear a dress when you might have to run away from soneone. Or just don't watch 90210 before bed, this season has been quite dark in places so it obviously gave me a nightmare. Phew. Crazy dream eh?

Well after that, my dream has spooked me again so I'm off to go do some hoovering or something. See you soon :)


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