Winter Wedding..


Gosh two words that can put the fear into you is 'winter wedding.' It causes that age old question..'what do I wear?' Summer weddings are fairly easy, spring colours, dresses, etc. But winter is that little harder, you have to deal with the cold, the fact that there's not much colour out there. It can be a dilemma. However being a personal shopper, I probably should be quite good at picking outfits for occasions.. I am but for other people. I was like 'oh crap, I need a personal shopper!' There's always that extra pressure as well being a personal shopper, can you imagine a badly dressed personal shopper? It's just not good for business. Luckily Topshop came up trumps like they usually do when I'm in need of an outfit. Thanks toppers. Anyways it was my boyfriend's Mum's wedding, it was quite a small wedding, but I still wanted to look smart but not too smart. Yes that is a thing.

Blazer: Primark
Dress: Topshop
Clutch: Primark
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Zara 

I fell in love with this lace patterned Topshop dress when I first laid eyes on it. I got it from Topshop on Oxford Street and loved the way it fitted. It's a almost shift dress shape but it goes in at the waist. I liked this as I usually wear skater styles so it was nice to mix it up. I also managed to pick this dress up in the size below that i usually am and it fitted like a glove. I'm not gonna lie, that helped me love that dress a little bit more! I wore it with a black blazer from Primark, I had a blazer meltdown the night before we were due to go back home for the wedding, when I realised my usual black blazer had washed up terribly. It was out of shape and looked scruffy. Hence a speedy dash to Primark before work to get a replacement. The other blazer wasn't even Primark, they always wash up beautifully. This was either £15 or £19 I can't remember but yeah. I also picked up some new tights and was off on my merry way. I accessorised with my Dorothy Perkins bolt necklace which I always wear these days and my studded primark clutch which was a bargain from last year. Finally I had the shoe dilemma, I'm not one for heels, I just can't get my ankles to work in them! I also hate being uncomfortable so I opted for my new twinkly boots from Zara. At three inches high they're easy to walk in and don't hurt too much. I'm currently wearing them in, but they are much comfier than I thought they'd be. 

My favourite picture that I took at the wedding.. Congratulations Sarah & Ken :) 

Make up wise, I went for the usual (post on everyday make up coming soon) and added some Cheryl lashes to complete my look. I also went for big hair (obviously) and well that was it really! It was a really nice day and I felt like my outfit fitted in perfectly. Ah can't be too bad at my job can I! So I hope you're all well and had a good week. I've had this week off which has been amazing! I've got another week to go too so I have lots of blogging and videos to do! If you've got any requests please let me know :) 

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