The dip dye that never was...


I try to not be too much of a negative Nancy on here. If I don't like something, I just usually won't post about it. That way you know if I like something cause it's made the cut to be blogged about. However blogging isn't just about raving reviews, sometimes there needs to be a disappointing review. After all that's life right? We don't all go round being super happy all the time. So today I have a bit of a different post to usual, but I felt I should blog about it and I'm pretty sure you'd all rather me be honest with you. Okay so let's get started. You may or may not remember that a good year a go, I dabbled with a little dip dye in my hair, my hair was super long and I literally did the very ends. I used a L'oreal bleach kit and was pretty happy with the results. A few months later I got bored and when I had my hair cut, the ends came off. I was pretty happy with all one colour hair till a few weeks ago. I've had a another hankering for dip dye. I blame Rihanna ( even though I don't like her..) her hair has been pretty nice lately. I was soon scouring the Internet for dip dye inspiration and then when Eleanor Calder lightened the ends of her hair, I was like 'right I really want to try this again.' But just how would I do it when my hairdresser lives three hours away from me? I'll do it at home again I thought.

The L'oreal dip dye kit and then step one of the dip dye process..

I went to Boots and bought the L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre Dip Dye kit, perfect I thought, a proper dip dye kit. I did research, scoured through google images for results and read many a blog post about this kit. It looked great, all the girls who had used it, their hair looked lovely. I thought it would be fine, and my hair too would look great. The kit was pretty basic and once I mixed all the lotions and potions together it was time to apply to my hair using the brush that came with it. On the packaging it says to use the brush to distribute the dye into the ends of your hair. I decided to section off the ends of my hair and applied the dye. It said to leave it for 35-45 minutes, I wanted a very subtle effect, say light brown so when it got to the 35 minute mark I noticed my hair was lightening. I decided to go wash it off as like I said I wanted it to be subtle. Once washing it off, and drying my hair, I found my hair looked the tiniest bit lighter. I realised I still had a lot of dye left so thought I'll do it again. When I used the regular bleach kit before, I had to repeat the application twice so I thought I'll pop it on again and see what happens. Because my hair was a little lighter I thought it won't take very long to lift. I left it on for another 35/40 minutes and then washed it off. My ends were definitely a different colour, but they were almost auburn red colour! I was like wtf. My hair hadn't been dyed in a couple of months, in fact before Christmas so it was basically my natural hair colour. Why had it gone red?

The finished result.. not quite the ombre I was after.. 

I pondered, it could totally be that I didn't leave it on for long enough the first time, but when I did it again it went a very strange colour. Luckily the ends weren't damaged so after a little hair mask, they felt back to normal. I thought maybe it was just my bedroom light , but when I went to work a couple of days later, the final straw was when a woman said to me ' how did you dye the ends of your hair red?' I have nothing against red hair, I used to dye my hair red a few years ago but this wasn't the look I was going for. I went home that night and reached for a dark brown hair dye. I really don't know what happened but I'm disappointed. I really wanted to try dip dye properly. Now the reason I wrote this post is just to show that not every product works for everyone. Maybe it was my hair, maybe it was the dye. Who knows. But all I know is, I'll be staying away from the ombre kits in the future and letting a professional do the dip dying. Have you used this kit before? Did it work for you? Let me know..

I'm sorry for being a negative Nancy, but when it comes to your hair, you have to try and avoid disasters. I hope you're all well and hopefully have had no hair disasters this week :)

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