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So I've made no secret of my girl crush on Mollie King from The Saturday's. It's been going strong for a good 18 months now and I just can't get enough of her wardrobe. She is always immaculately turned out and loves collars, shorts and layers. She's a girl after my own heart. After spending many a day off watching Chasing The Saturday's which is a total guilty pleasure tv watch. I have been looking for anything Mollie inspired to snap up. I love how she likes to dress up most days but doesn't look too over done. I find that her wardrobe is great inspiration for work wear and when in doubt when I'm standing looking into my wardrobe at what to wear.. I will always say to myself ' what would Mollie King wear?' Seeing as I'm a personal shopper and all that, I thought maybe it was time I put my knowledge of shopping to good use. So today here we have ' How To Get The Mollie King Look..'

Day Time/ Everyday Wear
Firstly we have day time casual wear, it is quite rare to see Mollie dressed down, but she gives you some great inspiration on how to look casual but still look like you've made an effort. A good pair of jeans is an essential in any girls wardrobe, of course finding that perfect pair can be a nightmare. I have found Topshop Leigh jeans to be my favourite, at 5ft2 they fit like a dream. Other great jeans come from River Island, Zara, ASOS and if you want a bit of a lift try the Jasper Conran Shape and Lift jeans from Debenehams. Seriously they're a game changer. I also love a blazer paired with jeans, with spring around the corner, a coloured one can really jazz up your look. This Oasis jade one is gorgeous! Primark have some beaut ones at the moment.. I may of indulged the other day. Whoops. Again a white shirt is essential and a striped top too. A casual skater skirt is great too for dressing down, pair with ankle boots and a leather jacket for a girly but edgier look. Finally for when the sunnier weather comes along swap your jeans for some denim shorts, I love these River Island shorts as they're really comfy and don't show your bum which a lot of shorts seem to do these days! Pair these looks with flats, ballet pumps, brogues or studded ankle boots. Once the summer comes grab your sandals and wedges!! 

mollie king daytime

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Day Time/ Work Wear : 
Mollie like I said above, always likes to dress up. She always looks flawless and smart which is perfect for work wear. Of course some people have to dress really smart for jobs but if you've got a job like mine, where you can be a little more smart casual then some of Mollie's picks may be for you. First of all, invest in a good pair of black jeans. You see Mollie in black jeans from time to time and I find them a essential in any girls wardrobe. The Topshop Leigh ones are my favourite and I find they're smart enough to dress up for work. Whilst we're still experiencing winter weather, layers are key. These mean you're covered when it's freezing outside but then boiling inside with the central heating. Invest in a good white shirt, I have chosen the white peter pan collar one from Topshop below, but you can also find good value ones at Zara and H&M. Mollie loves a good shirt and likes to wear them underneath knit wear. Pick a dark jumper such as navy and black, and layer up. H&M, French Connection and ASOS all have great knitwear. Choose different coloured shirts to layer underneath, this blue one down below from Topshop is great for layering on more casual days. Finally, Mollie is rarely seen without heels (how does she do it?) if you're like me and a bit useless with heels but want some height.. wedges are the answer. These River Island tan wedge boots give you longer legs but will save your feet. Note a Mollie King inspired wardrobe is not complete without tan accessories. Note the tan version of the Zara City Bag and finally a bowler hat for a bad hair day. It's saved me many a time! 

mollie king daytime look
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Going Out/ Party Wear 

Mollie does the whole going out look effortlessly.. and usually in the day. However if I went round in bare legs and heels I'd probably get some very strange looks. A yellow blazer was enough for some people where I live! However these looks I think should be saved for cocktails with the girls. One of the reasons I love Mollie's wardrobe so much is the fact it's quite simple, it's mainly made up of key pieces that you can mix and match and the odd statement piece here and there. I love a statement piece for the night time.. so that's what I stuck with for this next look. Mollie is girl after my own heart, she loves shorts and skirts. I've picked some embellished Miss Selfridge shorts which are great for night time, pair them with a simple white tshirt for a effortless but polished look. A bodycon dress is of course perfect for nights out, this polka dot one from Topshop is very cute and could even be worn in the day time. Right now you could pair it with tights, ankle boots, and a leather jacket. Mollie loves a playsuit, hey don't we all and I think this floral topshop number is gorgeous! I am seriously having to restrain myself from adding it to my basket. I could definitely see Mollie in it, paired with some ankle boots and of course a tan clutch bag. This Boohoo tan clutch is perfect for copying Mollie's look. I've added a white/cream blazer as Mollie loves a blazer, as a blazer addict  myself, I cannot stress how useful they are. Throw one over a tshirt and skirt and instantly your outfit looks so much more polished. They're a great all rounder and perfect for snuggling under whilst waiting to get into clubs. Finally, neon is back again for summer, it's a tricky trend to carry off but if done right, neon can be a fab look. It works best with a bit of a tan and very simple toned down accessories. This neon lime skirt from Topshop is gorgeous and would look amazing with a black tshrirt like Mollie has paired her last summer's Lipsy skirt with. Imagine how good this would look on holiday? Oh gosh something else added to my wish list! 

mollie king going out

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So there we have it, some of my ideas on how to re create Mollie's look. Anything with a collar will do! Oh and the colours Navy and Tan must be featured too! So I hoped you liked this post today and let me know if you'd like me to do more and maybe other celebrities you'd like featured!! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed having a few days off. I have most enjoyed eating chocolate but due to working in retail, my time off isn't till this week! Boooo. Hope you're all well.. I'm off to go practise my singing so I can make my own girl band. 


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