I accidentally slipped and bought loads of MAC products..

When you're a blogger, sometimes a very exciting email will land into your inbox. You will drop everything and maybe have a little squeal. I did both those things when I was invited to the opening of the new MAC store in Covent Garden. Now girls (and guys) I'm sure you're with me when I say 'when MAC come calling, you go.' So I tootled off to London and once I got inside the store ( my name was on the guest list, it wasn't a dream.. phew) I was able to relax and enjoy the store opening. There's two floors and it's a lot bigger than the other Covent Garden store, there's really nice wall displays with brushes and it was a novelty to see all the lipsticks in their brand new state. I could of happily just sat and stared at them. I went to the event with Laura, Milly and Zoe. Now a word of warning, don't ever go make up shopping with these girls, they will make you buy everything.

I've wanted some new MAC bits for a while and when we were told we'd get a press discount that evening, my heart actually started to race.  We all frantically started making lists of what we wanted and swatching like crazy women. I came home with a empty purse but a happy bag full of products! Whilst I haven't yet made my mind up on all of the products, I thought I'd show you what I bought and what I'm thinking so far!

 MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish: A cult highlighter in the beauty blogging world. I've wanted it for ages and went to buy it back in January but it had sold out. Boo hiss boo. You all know I love a bit of highlighter and this powder is gorgeous. It adds the perfect amount of glow to your cheek bones and looks nice and natural.

MAC Immortal Flower Blush: I've wanted this blush since 2011, I saw it used at a fashion show on MAC's facebook and fell in love with this peachy dream. I then didn't get round to buying it when it was launched in a collection last year, but as part of the All About Orange collection, it came back and I had to get it. So far I do really like it, it's a peach blush duh of course I'm going to love it.

MAC Face & Body Foundation: This is a foundation I've been intrigued by for ages, some love it, some hate it and I'd heard reports of it breaking a lot of people out. But I thought you know what let's try it. Milly and Laura both use it and love it and Laura kept going in my ear 'you'll love this corrie' She's naughty. My thoughts on it? It's lovely and light but also build able, the colour is a great match for me, I think I am C3 I think but it's  not got amazing staying power. I find that with hot weather and oily skin I can get a bit shiny so I have to powder a lot. I think it'll be great for holiday and for days out and about but for a long day at work it doesn't have the staying power I need. I'll keep you updated though.

MAC Lipstick Sweet & Sour: Another All About Orange purchase, this orangey lipstick looks pretty scary in the bullet but once it's applied it's a lovely subtle peach orange colour, I love adding some gloss on top for a summery lip look.

MAC Prep & Prime Light Boost: I really struggle with covering my under eye bags and I always spend about 10 mins applying different concealer. Enough was enough, I was recommended the light boost by the MAC MUA who was very patient with four over excited beauty bloggers. This is very light but is amazing! I have been applying MAC Studio Finish concealer as a first step and then this on top and my under eye circles are practically gone!! Have I found a new under eye concealer winner? Maybe ;)

MAC Eyeshadow Mulch: I've wanted this eyeshadow since I saw Tanya Burr use it in a Mila Kunis make up tutorial, but it's only available in pro stores. The new MAC in covent garden is a pro store so Mulch was put in my basket. A bronze smokey brown which is great in the crease for a sultry smokey eye. I've also been loving it on my lower lash line for a real smokey look!

So there we have it, my new MAC additions. I'll let you know soon my final verdicts, what's your favourite MAC products?

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