I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22..

Last Wednesday saw me celebrate my 22nd birthday. 22 eh? Ooh I've just sat and realised I'm 22. I know it's not but sounds so much older than 21. Lol. However I still look like a 16 year old so I guess no one would probably ever guess my real age. So birthday's, are always something to look forward to and we planned a mini break to Bournemouth for mine. I don't live too far away and I've always loved visiting Bournemouth, the beach is lovely and you know me I do love a bit of sunbathing! However the weather was warmish with some sunny spells, so this meant there was no lounging on the beach all day, I just had to go shopping instead. Shucks. We had a really lovely day, a bit of sunbathing on the beach, a swim in the hotel's indoor pool, shopping and then back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

Top: Topshop
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Shorts: Zara
Sandals: Steve Madden

We decided on Pizza Express for tea, as it wasn't too far a walk from our hotel and who doesn't love dough balls? I decided even though it was a little on the chilly side to brave my new Zara floral shorts. Cause if you can't wear shorts on your birthday then when can you? I love these shorts, yes they're a little your nan's sofa but they're also really girly and summery. Annoyingly a week after I bought these they went in the sale *grumpy face* but they're so beautiful I kind of don't care. I know I'll be wearing these over the summer with just a plain top and necklace, and I'm sure they'll be packed into my holiday suitcase in a couple of weeks time! I had a lovely birthday though, it was spent with my favourite people ( well minus one Harry Styles) but it was nice to just have a break from work, housework etc. Ha see that sounded old didn't it?

So another birthday has been and gone, they always go so quick don't they? With my birthday out of the way it's now time to concentrate on my boyfriend's birthday (yes I'm a cougar of three weeks) and our holiday to Egypt. I've decided to spend the birthday money and vouchers I received on some new holiday clothes, Topshop & Zara I'm coming for you. I hope you've all had a great week, I went to see Robbie Williams and Olly Murs on Tuesday night for my Mum's birthday, an eventful evening but very fun and once again it was confirmed that I do love Olly Murs and his tight trousers.

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