Lazy Eye Make Up

Sometimes the beauty industry gets hold of a idea and doesn't let it go. For example remember BB creams? Remember how every beauty brand and their Nan brought one out, you'd walk round beauty counters, trying to work out how A's BB cream was different to B's. The other day even my boyfriend asked what a BB cream was. I have to admit I did think for a second... erm what is it again? However with the BB cream thing dying down, there's something else that a lot of brands seem to be bringing out at the moment and it's stick make up products. The whole craze started with Clinique and their chubby sticks. But soon many other brands were bringing out their 'chubby sticks'. It started with the lips, but now we're getting sticks for the eyes too. Intrigued by this craze, I had to try some out as they seem the perfect lazy make up tools. I'll put my hands up, I haven't tried Clinque's CS's but I have recently been loving Bourjois Color Boost's. They are glossy, pigmented and great for carrying around on the go. I have been loving them for easy summer lips, however they didn't quite withstand the Egyptian heat. But I'll let you off with that one Bourjois. But I wanted to try some for the eyes, to see how they faired to normal eyeshadow. 

I found some unexpectedly when I was browsing Boots, whilst my boyfriend was next door browsing car radios in Halfords. Always pick Boots over Halford's ladies. I saw that Collection have brought out their own eyeshadow sticks and they were on introductory offer for just £2.50. I had to try them. I picked up three * yes I did go to Boots with the intention of just 'having a look' sigh.* I picked up a Vanilla ivory shimmer shade for highlighting, a bronze taupe brown for eyelid colour and a glittery metallic black ( but more on that one in a future post). I also picked up Rimmel's latest addition to their Scandaleyes collection. Eyeshadow paint. I picked up the shade Rich Russett after seeing Ameila use it in one of her videos and making a mental note of having to 'go buy it immediately.' So I've been trying them out for the past few days and what do I think? I think they are perfect for lazy smudgey smokey eyes. 

Bronzey smokey eye

I have also dug out my Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in Bulletproof beige, which is a pale gold champagne colour. So I apply Collection's Work the Colour eyeshadow pencil in Vanilla Sky as a highlight for my eye, in the tear duct and on the brow bone. Then Rimmel's Bulletproof Beige over the lid and then the eyeshadow paint in Rich Russet on the outer third of the eye. Then I pop Hot Chocolate by collection by the lash line and lower lash line. With some blending, you've got yourself a smudgey, bronzey smokey eye which has taken hardly any time at all. You don't even need a brush, you've got fingers so use them! The colours last all day and haven't creased which is great. I have found my eye make up to take less time than usual and I have more time in the morning to browse the sidebar of shame on the Daily Mail or have a few extra moments of snooze after late nights of watching The Mentalist. So yes I am liking this stick eye product trend. Any make up product that saves me time in the morning is a winner with me. 


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  1. I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow sticks! They are so easy to apply when in a rush!



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