Meet Frankie.

So last Friday evening, something very exciting happened in our household. We went and picked up Frankie, our new puppy. After talking about getting a dog for some time, we finally took the plunge after we fell in love with a miniature labradoodle. Frankie was to be his new name, and we were like kids waiting for Santa to come on Friday! We've had Frankie for a few days now and he's a little sweetie. Though he can also be a little rascal! I wanted to introduce you all to him as I'm sure he'll be featuring on many blog posts and videos!!

So Frankie is 10 weeks old, he's lots of fun, he loves affection. He's like our shadow and is starting to chew everything, including us! He's 90% house trained, but we've only had a couple of times when he's missed the puppy pad or not made it outside in time. He's just had his second jab, so next week we can take him for  walks which I'm sure he'll love as he has lots of energy! We've found sleeping quite a effort with him as he just barks and cries! Every night it gets a little easier, and we've found comforting him before bed calms him down. But if anyone else has some tips for helping puppies sleep, two very tired people would appreciate it! He doesn't like lie ins, 6am is the new 10am in Frankie's books! We've got him lots of toys, but he loves his puppy teddy from Ikea, his bone and shoes!! He managed to get a pair of my heels, the other day!! The tinker. He already has a favourite spot in the living room and I think he's slowly adapting to his new home!

We're loving having Frankie though, it's nice to have someone to keep me company when Henry's at work, and I'm sure we've got lots of fun times to come! So that's Frankie, I will keep you updated on his progress and I'm sure you will see lots of photo's pop up of him on Intsagram!! Hope you're all having a great week love from us and Frankie!


  1. Can't even explain how cute he looks, I want a little puppy!

  2. He is SO cute! Reminds me of a wee teddy bear!x

  3. Ive had my pup for a year now and she is amazinG! She was so good as a little one - i didn't have any trouble with her going to bed downstairs until she was 6 months old and i ended up letting her sleep in a corner of my room in her bed. Thats what works right now. Other than her toys and my socks she has never chewed anything else - she is good as gold. Enjoy the puppy time - you'll be wanting another one soon enough :) xxxxx


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