My guide to A/W 13: Monochrome & Pastels..

So today marks my final A/W 13 picks. I hope you've enjoyed these posts, I definitely have enjoyed looking through all the new clothes from my favourite online stores! My final instalment is more focused on colours, there seems to be a evident two colour choices emerging from this season's newest arrivals. Monochrome and pastels. To be fair, monochrome seems to be popular every season but then it is a very classic look. Pastels may seem a odd choice when we're going into Autumn. But there is a lot of candy shades out there but of course the typical berry's, navy and forest green are very popular too.

Like I said above Monochrome is very easy to wear, there are so many black and white items over the high street and something like a white blazer is a key addition for this look. Pair it with black jeans and a black top for a effortless chic look. Contrast tops are also great for wearing to keep in with the mono look. I find that monochrome is a great look for work wear!

So yes pastels are big this coming season. A bit of a odd one but we'll go with it. It's a very girly trend with elements of Clueless thrown in there, baby pink skirt anyone? Not a look for everyone but it's one that I'm sure I'll be dipping my toe into!

So there we have my last A/W 13 guide! I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed making them :)

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  1. Love the polka dot dress and the pink skirt!


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