The Dark Circle Banisher's

Well that title sounds a bit sinister and a bit Harry Potter like doesn't it? Though not that I'm the best clued up on Harry Potter, Henry has to remind me that we went on the Hippogriff ride at Orlando and not the Gryffindor as I keep calling it. More Harry Potter revising for me. Anyway, dark cirlces are no ones friends. We should probably feel a bit sorry for them, but I just can't. They creep up on you, and make everyone know that you didn't get enough sleep. Ever since starting work, I have struggled with dark circles, I have the type of dark circles that are impossible to cover and make people say ' oh you look really tired' which is code for you look crap. After many months of trying different products to try and cover my dark circles, I feel I've finally found a few gems. These products make my make up routine quicker, and I can actually go out and feel like I'm not a cast member from 28 days later.

First of all, I've been using a new eye cream/serum. Heal Gel* is a product made by some of the world's finest plastic surgeons, including a surgeon who's working on the world's first face transplant. The gel helps to lift and brighten the eye area. Concentrating on dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, it makes you look like you've had a good ten hours sleep. It has a concoction of wonder products, including Haloxyl to help kick start micro circulation, Hyaluronic acid and arnica. I have found this product to help brighten, refresh and awaken my eyes. My dark circles are brightened, my eyes less puffy and I have been enjoying applying it every morning. We've had a few sleepless nights with Frankie, so this has been a bit of a god send!

Next is my current picks of concealers, two drugstore and two high end, these concealers make a dream team of dark circle eradicators. MAC have provided two great concealers for under the eyes, the Studio Fix Concealer in NW20 adds a brightness to my eyes and helps to cover dark circles. Creamy and high coverage, this is great for stubborn dark circles. However it can be a little cakey, so for something lighter, I go to the MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter in Light Boost. A yellow toned concealer that really brightens the under eye area, it can be used to illuminate whilst contouring, but I have been using this under my eyes and boy does it work. It's a new HG product in my make up bag, I know for sure that I will re purchase this!

MAC Studio Concealer (NW20), Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (shade 2/3), No.17 Stay Time 18 Hour Concealer (Extra Fair) and MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter (Light Boost) 

The drugstore concealers that don't break the bank but still keep dark circles under wraps, I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, in a peachy toned shade, it helps to take away the dark purple/blue colour of dark circles. With a creamy consistency, it's light and easy to blend. It makes covering dark circles, quick and easy. A new addition to my dark circle line up, is the No.17 Stay Time 18 hour concealer, in extra fair, this really lightens the eye area. A full coverage consistency, again is light, easy to blend and actually works. For under a £5 it can't go wrong!

Of course paired with a good nights sleep and lots of water, dark circles needn't be a trouble. But sometimes now and then, sleep just doesn't happen. So if you're off on a big night out this weekend.. I've got your dark circles covered.


  1. Love this post, ive been looking for the perfect under eye concealer for ages now, i think im going to try the mac prep and prime with the studio concealer over the top :) xxx

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