A Budget Naked Palette Dupe...

Last week we found out about Urban Decay's latest release... a Naked 3 palette. OMG. There had been rumours circulating for a while, but we've finally had pictures and with a supposed release date of December, Santa will be dropping this palette in many stockings this year. Anyways, whilst I try to stop myself from getting too giddy over Naked 3, let's hope we're not saying #prayforcorrie like we were for Kelly last time. Anyway, I have a budget neutral palette that I have been loving lately. Beauty UK is a drugstore brand that you'll find in the aisles of Superdrug. To be honest I used to pass the Beauty UK stand as I used to find it a bit young for me. However lately they've had a bit of a update and have released some stand out products that I'll no long pass by. 

Top Row of Colours
Bottom Row of Colours
The eye look I have been wearing using these colours :) 

The Posh Palette is one of the latest releases from Beauty UK, priced at £5.99, and with three palettes to choose from, Eden (the palette I have) is full of daytime neutrals, Masquerade is darker neutrals and Festival is full of brights. With a palette for everyone, the ten shadows are pigmented and are incredible value for £5.99. Like I said above I have Eden, which is totally up my street, full of mainly shimmery neutrals and a couple of matte shades for good measure. Whilst the shadows are pigmented, some of the shimmery colours are a little samey, but that being said, I'm not too fussed. The main colours, are bronzy taupe shades. There's a matte brown that you could even use for your brows. 

I've been enjoying using this palette lately, and I think if you're on a budget then try the Posh Palette's before maybe dashing to get the Naked 3 palette. What's your favourite neutral palette? 


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