Zara Coat Dupe Bargain

Okay so I know I've already posted today, but I've just seen a bargain that I need to let you all know about. Even though I already have a lovely winter coat, I have been lusting after the coats in Zara for the past few weeks. One caught my eye the most, with pockets, gold buttons and a rich navy, it was calling my name. However with a £129.00 price tag, my bank card was like 'no no no'. Seeing as I'm sensible *sometimes* I decided it was a lot to spend on a coat I didn't need. I managed to find a very similar coat in H&M for just £39.99. I decided that when payday rolled around, I'd maybe buy it myself for Christmas.

However I have just been on the H&M website and it currently has 50% off! So that makes it just £19.99 then if you add the promo code 0868 at the checkout you get a further 25% off! I paid £18.89 for the coat and delivery for a £39.99 coat that looks like a £120.00 coat. I'm well chuffed.

I had to share it with you all.

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