Benefit's Gimme Brow

I won't lie to you guys. I'm not the best when it comes to eyebrows. In fact, I'm pretty terrible at making my brows look good. I've been scarred about tweezering them after a unfortunate incident when I was 12, which left me with two brows about two miles apart from one another. After that traumatic event, I have relied on waxing and threading to tame my un ruly brows. Thankfully years of hair removal means my uni brow has officially gone. RIP uni brow. Yes I was a real attractive child. But these days, once every four/six weeks (depending on how lazy I am, I head to get my brows threaded.) So that's the hair removal part story sorted, but us girls know that isn't where brow maintenance finishes. Oh no. Brows that are filled in expertly are now part of every girls routine, and well we've all seen that meme 'don't take life advice of someone with shit eyebrows.' It creates an insane amount of pressure on to have to have good brows.

Thankfully many beauty companies have come to my aid, and have started to create easy brow products. The simple eyebrow pencil, stencils, and gel. Brows are thankfully no longer as hard as algebra for me to master. I've been trying out a few different brow products lately, from waxy pencils that left me with scouse brows, gel that left me looking a bit manly and well powder that dropped down to make me look like I had a face of blackheads. Phew, after all those disaster's though I have finally found a product that works for me. It's Benefit's Gimme Brow, a fibre gel that creates brows where there are none. It has a teeny tiny almost mascara brush and it just glides through the brows, filling in gaps and creating a even all over colour. It doesn't feel sticky, or make your eyebrows flaky, and it's waterproof. There's two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Deep and I've been going for Medium/Deep most days as it's a lovely dark brown colour (with no hints of red) and I like Light/Medium for more laid back days (perfect ashy medium brown.)

I didn't expect to love this product as much as I do, I have used other brow gels in the past such as Maybelline's Brow Drama, which Benefit's offering just knocks out of the park. Some may not be as amazed by this as I am, but remember I am cack handed when it comes to brows. So if you're a fellow cack hander like myself and most days your brows look more like Charlie Busted rather than Cara Delevingne, then you need Gimme Brow in your life.

Benefit and Debenhams have also teamed up for Brow Arch March, a campaign to help raise money for Look Good Feel Better, a charity that helps which helps ladies with cancer feel better about themselves. We really do take things for granted such as having eyebrows, having hair etc. So this is a really lovely cause, to help you can have your brows waxed/shaped and the donation goes straight to the charity. Find out here, how else you can donate. FYI I have not been sponsored for this post, I just think it's a great cause. Enjoy the rest of you day folks :)

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