Catch Up #2

 Frankie enjoying the sunshine..
 My epic tweet from Jaffa Cakes
 I want one..
 My desk stationary..
Me and Liza..

Slap my wrists, I've been a terrible blogger. Again. Ooh I told myself I'd try to keep myself all organised, but working full time has really taken the wind out of my sails, okay so totally sounding like a granny right now, but you get my drift. I've been very tired lately and then whenever I've gone to blog, something has always gotten in the way. Usually a 9 month old labradoodle, but there we go. So what's been going on then? Well take a seat and make a brew, I'm about to tell you.

That sentence above makes it sound like I have loads to tell you, I actually don't. Basically my life for the past few weeks has been just revolving around work, work and work. Maybe I was being naive but basically working in social media ain't just about Twitter and Facebook. There are so many different things to it and to start with I was like a deer in headlights. Thankfully everyone who I work with is lovely and no one has took the mickey out of my 1D lunchbox yet. I feel I learn more every day, and I have to say I am now so pleased to have a job I enjoy instead of getting angry all the time.Yes that's what retail does to you! The dress code is very causal and relaxed so that's taking some getting used too as well! I do really love it though, and I have my first meeting in London this week. I feel like a proper career woman. Where's my briefcase?

I also went on a boozy night out with my girls last weekend, I drank too much Caribbean twist (yes really) and did some rather questionable dancing. The night ended in Mcdonalds, but that's the ending to all good nights right? It was fun anyways. I've also decided to go on a bit of a health kick, I'm going on holiday in a month and I have need to get my arse into shape. So I've joined a gym, the lovely Carly Rowena has given me a workout plan to keep too, and I'm trying to eat healthier too. Although I don't think I'll ever be able to give up chocolate! So I think that's all my news, what's new with you?

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