Orlando Holiday Outfits

Whenever I get closer to a holiday looming, I always get more excited about planning my outfits than the actual trip away itself. Maybe that makes me incredibly sad or it means that there's still a little personal shopper left inside me. So when Orlando was approaching I may of done some online shopping, technically I think it's ASOS's fault for having so many discounts. If I hadn't of found that 30% discount code, my spree's wouldn't of happened. Anyways, everyone loves new clothes to wear when going away, and of course my suitcase was more than happy to oblige to some new pieces. Now Orlando is a very casual place, there's not much fine dining, so I knew I wouldn't need any fancy dancy clothes. Orlando is also pretty warm, so I knew that my suitcase was going to consist of shorts and tops basically. Nothing too exciting.

Day One: Magic Kingdom:
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Converse

Day Two: Universal Studios:
Shorts: ASOS

I did pack loads of shorts, in fact too many, as I surprisingly wore one pair more than I thought I would. I bought some jersey black culottes from ASOS and they were something ridiculous like £13. A bargain. But I lived in them. I'm pretty hung up on my thighs and I felt that denim shorts even just rode up, exposing my thighs whilst the culottes were comfier and flattering. I know it's stupid, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that once you have something in your head, it's hard to shake it. I also wore my black Mom shorts from ASOS a lot, these were comfy as they were a little baggier. Hey am I getting old now that I want everything to comfy? Ha probably. Seeing as we didn't do too much in the evenings, the only nights out we went on were for two meals, I wore my festival inspired Topshop shorts one night, and my amazing pink shift skirt from Zara the other night. I went go-karting in the Zara skirt, probably not my wisest idea, and I probably did flash the guys whilst going round in my go kart, but I couldn't not wear it, could i? I made sure I wore nice pants at least.

Day Three: Hollywood Studios: 
Blouse: ASOS
Shorts: ASOS
Sunglasses: Topshop

Day Four: Universal Islands Of Adventure: 
Vest: ASOS
Shorts: ASOS

Night Out Outfits:
Look One: 
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Steve Madden (old) 

Look Two: 
Top: ASOS: 
Skirt: ZARA (sold out online) 

Tops wise, i wore a lot of tshirts *surprise* but when the weather picked up, I opted for vests, I tried to inject some colour as I knew Sarah would be checking. She'll know what I mean when she reads this, and my trusty heart belt from Primark (it's about 4 years old I'm afraid) added a focal point. Okay so yes there's definitely still some personal shopper lingo inside me, next I'll be saying how my blue vest top brought out the colour of my eyes.

Day Five: Epcot: 
Vest: Topshop
Shorts: ASOS

Day Six: Animal Kingdom: 
Top: French Connection (old) 
Shorts: ASOS

Now shoes wise was where I had a dilemma, last time I went to America, I was a dingbat as I didn't anticipate how much walking we would do, so I took a battered old shitty pair of Primark flip flops. No joke just them, nothing else. I soon realised after my throbbing feet from days of stomping ground I'd need better shoes. So this time I was like right, I'm getting proper shoes. I'm not really a trainer girl, in fact I've not worn trainers since PE at school and I left school seven years ago. I went for white converse, as I thought they're still girly and would go with my outfits. Thank god I did get them, I was initially worried as everyone in the comments for my holiday haul video were like 'you're going to get blisters' but even though I was armed with 18363 plasters every day, they didn't rub once. In fact they were so comfy and even on the days where we did 11,000 steps and spent 10 hours in the parks, my feet didn't ache. So if you are going to Orlando, do invest in some comfy shoes, I always get so grumpy when my feet hurt so it's worth doing!

Day Seven: Blizzard Beach
Bikini: Kelly Brook for New Look

Day Eight: Typhoon Lagoon

Bikini wise, I only took three, which is an achievement and I only ended up wearing two, they were from Kelly Brook from New Look, she does great bikinis if you have big boobs, I don't have that worry but she does flattering bottoms for girls with hips, I do have that problem. I also wore my new Triangl bikini which was amazing, a squeeze to get into after seven days of eating pancakes and burgers but me and the love handles finally got there or shall I say in.

Day Nine: Magic Kingdom: 

Shorts: ASOS

That was about it, make up wise, I kept it simple with Benefit's BB cream, concealer and mascara. Remember sunglasses hide a multitude of sins and of course a tan does too, once I finally got one. I think I've covered everything outfit wise, sorry this is such a rambley post. Can you tell I've just had Frankie for company today?


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