Spring Colour with Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a cult beauty brand in the beauty blogosphere. Did you know that it's an unwritten rule for all beauty bloggers to have at least owned a tube of the Cleanse and Polish once in their lifetime. Okay so I am joking, but Liz Earle has a big beauty following and damn right they should have too. Now I've tried a few bits of their skincare, and it's all lush. But I've never really ventured too much into Liz Earle's make up line. I've always known it was there, but suppose never investigated anymore into it. However this is something I should of done sooner, as seeing as I have my hands on the latest Spring releases, I have to say one thing.. they're ruddy good.

First of all we have two strengthening nail polishes*, they are very tall nail polishes and reasonably priced at £7.50 too. Awakening is a peachy pink, think a flamingo peach? Does that make sense? Then we have Moonlight, a grey with blue tones. Both the colours are gorgeous, I've been looking for that 'perfect' grey nail polish for some time and I think I may of finally found it. High five Liz Earle. The polishes are sold as having strengthening and long lasting formula's. I had to test this out, I tried Awakening first which I must say looks cracking with a tan. The brush made applying the colour easy, and took two coats. Now I have to say, nail polish chips on me so easy. I must do something in my sleep, as nail polish sometimes doesn't last longer than 24 hours without chipping. But this has been on for five days now and there are no chips! The box says it can last for 12 days! I'll let you know if this does, but I think five days is pretty impressive. These colours are lovely, and it's nice to see some different Spring colours!

Next we have the Radiant Glow Bronzer*, now you guys now how much I love bronzer. I though this bronzer looked nice, but didn't think too much of it. To be honest, it didn't look dark enough for me. However I gave it a whirl and I was seriously impressed with this bronzer. It has four shades, a mixture of matte bronzer and highlighter. There's a mixture of lighter and slightly darker shades, and I have been using this on all the high points of my face where I naturally tan and it just gives you a glow. Now I've been back off my holiday for a couple of weeks now and my holiday glow is fading *sob* but thankfully this bronzer has been helping me keep that glow for a little longer.

The Liz Earle Spring collection is limited edition and available now for six months, you can find the range on Liz Earle's website, at John Lewis, Boots or on QVC :) Have you ever tried any of Liz Earle's make up line? I think the Sheer Tint is next on my list :)

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