The Body Shop's Body Sorbets

The Body Shop have some awesome summer releases coming your way, and I was very lucky to try a few new products launching this July. First of all I'm talking about some pretty cool new body products that are taking moisturising to a brand new level. Body Sorbets* are the perfect summer moisturiser, and if you're heading away on a summer holiday, these will be the perfect companion. So what exactly is a Body Sorbet? Well let me tell you. 

They are essentially a moisturiser, but are lighter meaning they sink in quick and don't leave you with that sticky clammy feeling you sometimes get after moisturising.So there's none of having to do that wafting dance when waiting for your moisturiser to dry. There's four flavours, Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit & Satsuma, Moringa and my favourite one Mango. Now Mango smells like solero ice lollies, so you can go around smelling like a solero all day. The texture is so strange, it's like an actual sorbet. It's so hard to describe but it is literally like slathering sorbet ice cream all over your body. But not being sticky and it actually doing something for your skin. The sorbets contain 100% organic Aloe Vera meaning they are perfect as an alternative to after sun as they cool and calm sunburn. I've been using them to help pro long my tan and I wish I'd taken them away with me as they would be so good for any red bits. The Body Shop also recommend putting them in the fridge for an ever cooler treat, but just don't eat them. That wouldn't be good. 

Sadly these aren't out till 16th July, but they'll be worth the wait let me tell you. Sun worshippers? This is the perfect after sun and they smell ruddy good too!


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