Share The Love #5

I really thought I'd done a share the love post a bit more recently than January. This is going to be a bit awk if I now realise I have done one after that, look who knows their blog well? Lol. Anyways, recently I have been watching so many YouTube videos and well with the football always being on these days, I've been turning to my fave vlogs for a bit of a relief from men kicking round a ball. I've done my bit of shouting 'HIT IT' when England played. I'm done now. Anyways, moving on, these new girls I've found over the past couple of months have been added to my subscription boxes and I can't get enough if I'm honest.

Simone Scribes 

Let's start with Simone,  someone who I desperately want to be my friend. Is that a bit weird? Okay probably yes. I hope we can get past this Simone. She lives in Dubai which looks lush, but so so hot. She's BFF's with Laura from Buy Now Blog Later, and she frequently appears in her vlogs, which the lollipop26 fangirl inside me loves. I genuinely look forward to Simone's weekly vlogs and her little boy Charlie is the cutest! Go subscribe now!

Beautyosaurus Lex

Alex is someone who I recently discovered on YouTube but I'm already hooked. She's so adorable and funny, she makes me laugh, her comment on being a married baby made me choke. She's a dab hand with make up and loves a bit of highlighter, much like myself! She also has a nice voice, I love a nice voice on a Youtuber. Is that creepy? Probably. I love Alex's videos though, and she rocks pale so well she makes me want to ditch the tan!

Lucie And The Bump

Lucie is someone who's blog I have been reading for ages, so I was super happy to see her start YouTube. She has a gorgeous little boy called Harry, and she has fab hair. What more could you want? She's only done a couple of videos so far but I can't wait to see more from her. She seems so funny and lovely, and someone who I think I would really get on in real life :)


I met Emily at Download festival, and it turns out she used to work for a digital PR company and used to email each other all the time! Small world. She mentioned in passing that she'd started YouTube so I went home and checked out her videos. I'm glad I did, she's done some great videos on products, and a great festival tips videos. She also has a lovely soothing voice, what is it with me and voices? Go subscribe though, she's really lovely and I can't wait to see more videos from her!


I've been watching Poppy for quite some time, but after her winning this year's Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp it's been lovely to see her channel grow and grow. I love Poppy's make up tutorials, and I have been loving her sun kissed locks lately! She makes me want to dye my hair lighter again! Shakes fist at Poppy. I'm sure most of you are already subscribed but go check her out :)

Olivia Newman Young

So you may recognise Olivia from Made in Chelsea, and she is in fact Fran's sister. I found Olivia's channel after seeing she'd done a video with my face Millie Mackintosh. She did her make up for the baftas and I was in my element! I love Olivia's videos and she's a proper make up artist so she sure does know her stuff!

So I have been enjoying watching these girls lately alongside my other favourite vloggers! Who have you been loving recently?


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