Get A New Wardrobe On A Budget : Forever 21

One of my favourite American imports apart from peanut butter M&M's is clothes shop Forever 21. Now this will sound strange, as I can never shop in store at Forever 21. I find the shops a bit too big and over whelming but their website is so easy to shop on. With outfit builders and ridiculously cheap clothes, I usually find myself making an order most times I go on the website. Whooops. I may of made a little order just before my birthday, and along with a 20% code I found online, I barely spent £50. Can I have someone say bargain... Seeing as it's budget/drugstore week on my blog this week, I thought I'd include a shop where you can pick up basic and statement pieces on a budget.

Beautysets - forever 21 picks

With a plethora of playsuits, dresses, blouses, you can't go wrong. I do find that Forever 21 is quite a young brand and quite girly which is probably why I love it so much! I usually find the clothes to be pretty high quality, and always wash quite well.

The thing I also love about Forever 21 is that they do a great sleepwear, active wear and lingerie range. I love a shop where you can get everything! I think that Forever 21 is very underrated here in the UK and although sizes do sell out quick, I can not get enough right now! 


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