Little Things #2 & A Catch Up

Ha it's always the way I decide I'm going to do a regular blog series and then never get round to doing another post! Ha this is what's happened with my Little Things posts. Whoops. I thought I'd get my bum into action and get one posted today! Life has been so busy the past few weeks, with lots of birthdays (well mine, my Mum's and Frankie's) so that means for once I've actually had plans at the weekend, and with work being super busy, blogging took a bit of a back seat. I realised that I was completely stressing myself out with everything, and I had to take a step back and be like 'hey this blog is a hobby why are you getting so stressed?' Blogging and making videos is the one thing that I really feel passionate about, and I never want to lose that. So when I was pressuring myself to write loads of posts and record/edit videos at the weekend it started to become a chore and I just didn't feel inspired. I've had a step away, looked at some of my favourite blogs for inspiration and thankfully I am feeling a bit more inspired. I've even made a content calendar so I can keep on track and I'm going to try and add different elements to my blog such as more fashion posts (though I may have to look at finding someone good with a camera as poor Henry is fed up of taking outfit pics :')) and lifestyle posts too.

This was me in June. 

I love reading these different elements on blogs, so I thought it was time to start putting them in mine too. Beauty will always be the main focus cause I am like obsessed with make up and beauty even after all these years. I'm also going to really try to get two videos uploaded a week, I'm really enjoying making vlogs, even though my life is incredibly boring but hey! If you ever have any video requests please let me know as I always love hearing new ideas!

Me, my Mum and my sister at the spa day we booked for my Mum's birthday!

So the past few weeks have been quite family orientated which has been lovely, it was so nice having my mum and sister come to stay with me for a few days, and then I went back home for a little girlie break which was lovely too! It was what I needed!

I've been a bit unconfident this month with certain things, and being the self doubter I am, I have been doing that classic thing of beating myself up. I've always been one to over think and analyse everything, so this has led to me being quite fed up! I need to shake this, but I don't think I'll ever be a  chilled out person. I have decided that I need to stop beating myself up though, just because I don't know some things doesn't mean I'm stupid. I'm going to really try and get my blogging spark back, and make it the best I can :)

I have done some cool stuff lately though, at the beginning of the month I went to see One Direction and I've only just got over my post concert blues, I also attended Download festival for work as I arranged a meet up for two bloggers/vloggers. It was a cool day albeit an eye opener, (I've never seen so many zombies) but it was fun and good experience!

Frankie telling me he was bored with me taking blog photographs!

Frankie turned one last weekend! I can't believe he's one, isn't that crazy! It won't be long and we'll of had him for a whole year! Thankfully he's getting into sleeping more, no more 6:30 am wake up calls thank god! We're not sure how much growing he has left to do, but I'm hoping he's pretty much done or he will be bigger than me!

Cute cakes and card from work for my birthday :)

It's Henry's birthday this week and hopefully if the weather is nice, we're going to have a day out in Brighton. It's not too far from us, and after watching so many vlogs we thought it was time we gave it a visit. If you have any recommendations of anything to do/eat please let me know as I'd be very grateful!

So I hope you're all good, not much else is going on right now, I've got a couple of exciting things planned for July, but that's about it really! Let's hope I stick to my content calender and DB can have a little refresh :)

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