Lunch At Zizzi's

As you know from some of my previous posts, I went back home for a visit last week to see my Mum and sister. We decided to go for lunch on the Friday that I was there and we visited Zizzi's. A Italian restaurant that is in many cities across the country. With us not having one down here, I hadn't really heard of it before but being a big lover of Italian food, it was right up my street. There are of course so many Italian chain restaurants around, but Zizzi's seem to be trying to make themselves a little different, offering many options and not just your typical spag bol and pizza.

After having a small breakfast and a potter in town, we were pretty hungry when we arrived at Zizzi's, I knew I needed carbs. Both myself and my Mum went for their lasagne, and a side of Tuscan potatoes. Hayley went for a pizza rustica (she really needed carbs.) All the food was lovely, I was worried the lasagne's may be a bit too rich and heavy but it really wasn't. I always have eyes bigger than tummy syndrome in restaurants but I ate it all, and the Tuscan potatoes were pretty yummy too. Hayley enjoyed her pizza and took some home in a box to eat for tea!

We still had room for pudding so Mum and I shared a chocolate and strawberry pizza, it sounds so very wrong but with baked marshmallows and hazelnut sauce it was pretty scrumptious. Hayley went for the mint choc chip gelato and said it was lovely. After washing it all down with some fizzy lemon, we had another potter round town before going back home to have a chilled Friday evening. It was lovely and really nice to spend a lunchtime with my Mum and sister. I keep dreaming about that chocolate pizza though! mmmmm.

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