The Perfect Denim Shorts for Girls With Thighs

Once upon a time, back in my youth, I used to wear shorts all the time. No seriously all the time. My family had a running joke of  'hey it's snowing and Corrie is still wearing shorts.' Oh they're so funny. But something happened over the past winter, and my legs have changed. It's probably down to the amount of quality street that I scoffed over Christmas but suddenly I had these thighs. I'm sure I had thighs before, but I've come to the conclusion that my metabolism isn't what it used to be and to be fair the winter of 2013 also known as the winter of eating crap hasn't helped. As well as trying to be healthier and using very strange products to try and help cellulite (shout if you want a post on that!) I've also had to change my shorts.

I can't get away with tight shorts anymore, they just aren't flattering. Also shorts are so short these days, I just don't want my bottom showing either, it is not a good look. I may of foolishly bought some shorts which I thought would be fine for my holiday, quite short and tight, and I wore them on my first day at Magic Kingdom.. TMI alert coming but they gave me a mega wedgie all day. Now Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth, you can't exactly just sort out a wedgie there can you? Oh my days, it was uncomfortable I tell ya, and from then on, I knew that my shorts had to change. I've been getting into MOM shorts, slightly baggier meaning flattering on thighs but also comfy too. I couldn't seem to find a blue denim pair though, and I was searching high and low.. till I found the Bleach Hallie Hotpants from Topshop. Big thanks to Anna for posting about these, as they are everything I have been wanting from denim shorts for a long time.

First of all I got a size up, lets be honest why do we care so much about those labels in the back of our clothes? If it fits it looks great, and baggier shorts means your legs look slimmer. This extra room means they're so, so comfy, like we're talking pyjama short comfy. They've got some rips so they're on trend, and they're just a really lovely material. I'm annoyed that I haven't found these earlier, but happy they're now in my life. I also got the Tall ones, cause I am super paranoid about flashing my bum, and they are just the perfect fit and length.

I'm happy, my thighs are happy and thankfully not a wedgie in sight. Girls say goodbye to tight, unflattering shorts, it's time to get out those legs!

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