New Favourite Spot Products: Freederm

Hey Hey! Sorry things have been a bit sparse over here in the past few weeks! Sometimes life gets in the way, but I am hoping to get back into blogging and wanted to tell you about some new spot products that have been helping with breakouts lately! 
Throughout July I was breaking out all over the place, it really wasn’t pleasant! Also during this time, I ran out of basically all my skincare products and on top of my list was to find an effective spot treatment that would help hurry along the process of spots healing up. I had to do something as some of the spots I was getting were big enough to be a second head. Seriously not cool. I turned to Freederm which is one of the more popular spot skincare brands. I have been trying out two products from them; the Fast Track which is a spot treatment and I picked up some of the Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes too. 

I used these products for a good few weeks and was really impressed with them. First of all let’s start with the Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes which I picked up for using when working out, as when I go to the gym/swim or come home to workout the last thing I want to be doing is my proper cleanse to take my make up off. So these just take away my make up meaning I’m not working out with a full face of make up and then once I’m home/finished I do my cleanse as normal. It’s quite rare to find wipes that are suited for spot prone skin, and they include anti bacterial ingredients to deep cleanse the pores and fight bacteria that causes spots. they are great for on the go and my skin always feels clean and fresh after using them! A gym bag staple! 

The Fast Track spot treatment is what I’ve been using as an overnight treatment on pesky spots that need taking down a peg or two! After cleansing I apply this treatment and leave it to settle over night, and by morning they are significantly smaller and less angry and red. Whilst the product claims to reduce size in three hours, I find using it overnight works best and I even apply this under make up to work through the day! 

Both these products have been working wonders for my breakouts! Thankfully during August my skin calmed down but if you’re looking for a budget friendly spot range, I’d definitely try Freederm. You can get the products from places like Boots, Superdrug and Tesco :)

Have you ever used Freederm products? What’s your favourite?

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