Halloween Party!

Last week, I went to an early Halloween party, but nevertheless the only Halloween party I'll be going to this year. I was very lucky to be invited to the annual Gleam/Daily Mix Halloween party and I was super excited as this was the first year I was able to attend! I had a dilemma with my outfit and wasn't sure what to go dressed as. I'm not very good with gore, so I didn't want to be gory, and I of course didn't want one of those Mean Girls moments of 'why are you dressed so scary?'

After a few outfit changes, I decided to go for a cat. Okay I know how original. I was on a bit of a budget but managed to find a lace trimmed dress from ASOS for just £12, and then ordered some ears also from ASOS. Threw on some tights and heels and bobs your uncle. The London Make Up School very kindly offered to do both mine and Laura's make up and hair for the event which we jumped at. Being a bit cack handed, I knew that my whiskers would probably end up wonky so this was a relief!

I had a lovely lady called Beth do my make up and Lisa do my hair. I wanted to be a quite a glamorous cat, so had quite a dramatic cat eye and a bold red lip! I am now coveting the Bobbi Brown stick foundation that Beth used on me, as it didn't budge all night! Lisa waved my hair with a Babyliss waver for an almost crimped look, I really liked it, as I never wear my hair this way and it's good to have something a bit different. Though Henry did say 'maybe people didn't recognise you on Tuesday night cause you had frizzy hair.' Rude. I did not have frizzy hair. Ha boys.

I had such a fun night, it was so nice to catch up with some familiar faces that I haven't seen in years and meet some of my fave youtubers, I definitely fangirled over the SacconeJolys! We had a few drinks and danced the night away before heading back to the hotel for a KFC. Classy! It was such a fun night, and hey maybe I'll partake in this Halloween thing more often ;)


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