Video: YouTube Catch Up

Friday, October 10, 2014

Yo! So I'm trying to get my bum into gear and get lots more blog posts and videos up! So far I'm thinking five blog posts a week and three videos. If I write this down, I'm more likely to stick to it so there we go! I thought that I would just maybe start a weekly post where I just tell you about the week's videos and then it's obviously up to you if you want to go and check them out :)

Sunday: First Impressions:

Most beauty bloggers will tell you that they are constantly trying out loads of products and it can be quite hard to blog and talk about every product. So I decided to do a first impressions video, where I talk about some products I've been trying, and if I like them or if not. Hope you find it useful and maybe I'll make them a more regular thing!!

Tuesday: Weekly Vlog #1

So now that I am self employed, I have a lot more time on my hands, which I have decided to fill with vlogging! Hoorah! Here is my first week which is a bit of an all over the place vlog, I need to remember to vlog every day I think! But here's the first installment which features a very cute YouTuber babies!

Thursday: A/W Haul

So I've been shopping. Whoops. Here is a haul of what I've been buying this Autumn so far. I'll be styling some of these clothes in a lookbook very soon!

So there is this week's videos! I'm going to try keep up, uploading three times a week, so if you'd like to see my videos, you can subscribe here! Anyways hope you all have a lovely weekend!! :) see you next week x

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