Don't Rush To Be A Grown Up

When I was little, all I wanted was to be was a grown up. I wanted to be old enough to get my bellybutton pierced, and basically be the same age as one of the Spice Girls. I was always in a rush to be older, from applying loads of make up, to dressing in clothes from Tammy Girl that made me feel sassy and grown up. I wanted to be like the girls in my favourite movies such as Hannah in Freaky Friday, Gretchen Weener in Mean Girls and Terrence in Bring it On. As I write this, I'm still of course so young at 23, but these days I am an actual grown up. No one tells you how tiring being a grown up is. I was thinking very wistfully of my days of being a young un' and a teen and laughing to myself of the funny things that were deemed as big decisions back in the day. Seeing as I've just had our quarterly electricity bill which was way more than I was expecting *does Frankie sit in front of the tv all day or something?* I thought I'd write a blog post, and take myself back to the days pre bills, and adulthood.

I miss the days when:

Primary School:

  • You had fights in the playground with your friends over who would be which Spice Girl in the tribute band you were making up (why i wasn't allowed to be Baby just because my hair was brown, I don't know. So hairist) 
  • The biggest controversy was when Tag got too rough at school, so it was banned. You then had a whole school protest and afternoon break was banned. Literally it was all anyone spoke about for the next year. 
  • When your heart only raced when the wolf turned round when you were playing 'What's The Time Mr.Wolf' 
  • When you're biggest frustration was being the 'piggy' in piggy in the middle 
  • You're only goal was finding a TY Beanie Baby with your birth date
  • When you used to create bands and perform shows in front of your class, and even though you sounded like a cat being strangled, you were still treated like Britney Spears. Bow down bitches. 
Secondary School: 

  • When the biggest bain of your life, was your teacher telling you to do the top button of your shirt up
  • The only days when you dreaded getting out of bed was days when you had PE in the winter
  • When your biggest worry was if your weekly crush was talking to another girl 
  • When the worst thing imaginable was lunchtime detention. 
  • When you didn't have urges to snack all times of the day, and even if you did it was fine cause your metabolism was like 10776463788383993 miles fast. 
  • When cellulite was a word I'd never heard of. 
  • The biggest decision I ever had to make was who to 'share the love' with on Bebo. 
  • Feeling like a bad person if you knocked someone out of your 'top eight' friends on MySpace
  • The only dilemma was choosing the perfect profile song on MySpace
  • The only money I had to worry about was my £20 wages and what to spend it on. (Usually it went on two surprise bags from Claire's, a CD single from Woolworths and lunch from KFC) 
  •  When I could never decide who was my favourite member of Busted. 
College & University: 

  • The biggest annoyance was not being 18 and not being able to go out
  • However the best thing in the world was when someone let you borrow their ID
  • When you never used to get hangovers
  • When vodka was a drink you could stomach
  • When you had an afternoon nap at least once a day, sometimes even twice a day. 
Of course being a grown up isn't all that bad, like hello I can wear all the eyeliner I want these days. But sometimes I wish I'd appreciated the worry free days of being a kid. 


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